Is Your Family History Ruining Your Relationship Life? GUEST: Johanna Lynn

Wed Mar 28 2018 (59:52)

Relationship Help Show with Dr Rhoberta Shaler, The Relationship Help Doctor

Dr. Shaler opens the show with thoughts on things you might believe about yourself if you were raised by a Hijackal®

​Guest, Johanna Lynn, Clinical Hypnotherapist

All that happened to you in life affects everything that is currently happening in your life. If you are not getting the results in life and relationships that you want, then, you want to listen to this episode for sure. 

Dr. Shaler talks about a common issue: hoping someone will bring up a difficult situation so you don't have to.


Raised by a Hijackal®? You Might Believe This Deep Down...and It's a Lie! 

Unless you've had a reason or taken the time to think deeply about the home your grew up in, you might not recognize that you had a relentlessly difficult, toxic parent. If you did, the things you learned before you even could walk are affecting everything, on auto-pilot. That Hijackal parent taught you who you were and what to expect from life, and that parent lied to you. Really! Listen in. 

When you recognize what you were raised in, and who you were raised by, you'll recognize the need for help to change a few things that can make your life and relationships so much more fulfilling.

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GUEST: Johanna Lynn Part 1 Inherited Family Ties and Traits

Why are you comfortable being treated in ways that make you uncomfortable? Learn how your nervous system learned this, and may be settling for taking crumbs from the family table.

Families share operating systems, family patterns, family traits. Learn how your inner images of yourself and your family play out in your life now. Epigenetic patterns. 

GUEST Johanna Lynn Part 2 Inherited Family Ties and Traits

Did you have an emotionally unavailable parent? Did you have an absent parent? The loss that this created is part of your "emotional body."

Trust. Where did you learn to trust, or why not to trust? Your family! Listen as Johanna and Dr. Shaler share the impact of your family on your daily life today. 

It's easy to say to yourself, "Yes, I know. My family was tough, and I'm doing OK." You like are. The thing is, if you take the time to dive into some beliefs you have that you might not even be aware of, you can unleash the power within you to have the life, love, and success you want. Discover where you may have been shut down early on. This can limit you, and it's not necessary.

Johanna Lynn spoke of her process:

"The first thing I do is I want to take a little bit of family history from both sides so that we can make sense of what is pretty much dysfunctional of where it feels familiar, why it feels right or or common in the body to feel disrespected, to be spoken to poorly, whatever the the need and want kind of ratio that push pull between a couple can be that are immersed in high conflict, so a lot of times when we can get a little bit of family history, we can step beyond the story."

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Are You Waiting For Someone Else To Go First?

Are you afraid to bring up issues, or talk about a conflict, a need, or your feelings? Many people hope their partners will bring up problems. That doesn't work well.

Dr. Shaler give you some insights into what's really going on when these are the dynamics of a relationship. More importantly, she helps you know how to approach a problem, and how to talk it through. Feel confident bringing up difficult things, and increase your chances of solving problems. Be assertive. Then, you won't be afraid of becoming aggressive.

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