Are You Spiritually-Minded? What About Intuition? GUEST - Terry Wildemann

Tue Oct 09 2018 (43:48)

In today's episode, DR. RHOBERTA SHALER asks: "Are you spiritually-minded?"

Being spiritually-minded is not simply having an interest in spiritual things. It's much more than that.

Are you basing your thinking on the spiritual principles you hold dear? That's the real question.

What about the mind? Your mind? Can you point to it? Can it be surgically isolated? Even though you cannot indicate its physical whereabouts, you do understand that you have a mind, or, more precisely, that you use one. It's more than your brain, isn't it?

Your mind is creative. When I wrote my book, What You Pay Attention to Expands, I was writing about the very things I'm introducing into the conversation today on Emotional Savvy. It's impossible to have a "mind by-pass" so it's important to think about how you're using your mind every day.

In today's episode, as something completely new, I talk about the difference between the objective, conscious mind, and the subjective, sub-conscious mind. An introduction.

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GUEST: Terry Wildemann, of

Terry Wildemann is a high performance coach, helping socially conscious small business owners and leaders to accelerate their businesses with intuition, speed, and ease. She's know for the speed with which she helps her clients achieve results, and the ease with which they do it. No more burning out, she says. No more spinning your wheels. No more wondering how to grow your business quickly.

So, what's this talk of intuition, angels, and other spiritual ideas? Terry uses all these in the effective work she does with clients. As you listen, you'll clearly see how she integrates and intertwines these ideas with high-level business and interpersonal practices to create success.


  • What's the difference between intuition and guidance?
  • Why is intuition important in business?
  • Does everyone have it?
  • What stops people from using intuition?
  • What is the relevance of intuition to leadership?
  • How does that apply in your own life?

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