What About Unconditional Love and Creating Peace? GUEST: Swami Sadashiva Tirtha

Wed Jul 25 2018 (37:43)

EMOTIONAL SAVVY: The Relationship Help Show

with Rhoberta Shaler, PhD, The Relationship Help Doctor

What About Unconditional Love and Creating Peace in Relationships?

GUEST: Swami Sadashiva Tirtha, The Orange Cowboy, host of the TV show, Talking with Our Angels

DR. RHOBERTA SHALER: Four Scary Reasons Unconditional Love May be a Dangerous Myth

"Wait! Don't run away. I'm not taking away the idea of unconditional love. Hear me out...please. "

~ Dr. Rhoberta Shaler

In today's episode, Dr. Shaler steps way out to talk about something you may have thought about in this way: unconditional love. You might immediately think,

"Why is she talking about unconditional love as a possibly dangerous myth? I love the idea of unconditional love." Yes, so does she, however, in the contexts she is talking about it is really worthwhile to re-think the idea, and understand it more fully.

Unconditional love can be both beautifully freeing, and sadly entrapping. So important to recognize these possibilities. Ask yourself,

"Has anyone ever blamed me or tried to make me feel guilty for something I may or may not have said or done by saying to me 'You're so judgmental. I thought you believed in unconditional love?'"

That is VERY telling...especially if they succeeded and you felt guilty! So, please hear Dr. Shaler out on this to see what you might take from this short segment.

GUEST: Swami Sadashina Tirtha, The Orange Cowboy, Host of Talking With Our Angles, Best-selling author of the Ayurveda Encyclopedia

Swami 's speaking clients include the White House Alternative Medicine Commission, and Johns Hopkins University. Swami has more than four decades of teaching wellness and consciousness.

At the age of ten, he began having spiritual experiences that altered his live in divine ways. Swami survived a devastating tragedy at the age of seventeen by seeking spiritual pathways, which led him to discover his mission of spreading joy.

He is sought after by conscious leaders and their teams. How he helps is by strengthening leaders' connection with their angels. Clients report rediscovering their joy, authenticity, and better decision-making. Swami's mission is to help create world peace. He is targeting his first movie--a comedy about listening to your heart and trusting your authenticity--to have global impact.

Swami teaches people how to communicate with their inner voice, or God, or angels--which ever word you prefer. The first relationship is the one with yourself. When you love yourself and hear your highest guidance, all other relationships and career visions flow smoothly.

This episode brings a new topic to Emotional Savvy: The Relationship Help Show, a new voice, a new vision. Enjoy!

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