EPI 028 | Crystal S. Daye

Tue Nov 27 2018 (58:24)

From Promiscuity To Promise

Minister, entrepreneur, author, public speaker, Christian empowerment coach and the manager of DayeLight Publishing, Crystal S. Daye reveals herself! The power of her conviction and story will grip you from the first word she utters. In our conversation, she talks about her complete obedience to God, being sexually abused at an early age, the respect she has for her parents, and the importance of a Church family.She also reveals:Why empowering Christian entrepreneurs is a focal pointThe purpos ...

EPI 027 | Stevii Aisha Mills

Tue Nov 20 2018 (59:15)

Don't Stop Believing

Author, public speaker, public relations coach and host of "The Conversation with Stevii" and "The Just Stevii Show," Stevii Aisha Mills reveals herself!Her joy is infectious, and so is her will to persevere. Our conversation talked about her pride of both Roanoke, VA and Greensboro, NC, as well as her unique way to empower women - especially women of color.She also reveals:Her importance of using her voice to speak here truthHow the intersection of public relations and writing meshHer riveting ...

PAN 001 | MLK, Jr. - 50 Years After Death

Tue Apr 03 2018 (01:28:56)

Are We Better Or Worse?

Revelations takes Martin Luther King, Jr's assissination, and its aftermath, to the panel!Ashley Sanders ("Who's This? Live"), Dave Maresca ("The Hollow9ine Network"), Blaine Kerr ("Applalachian Pi") and Rodney Perry ("The Simply King Podcast") came together in tribute to the slain civil rights leader/activists and talked about many issues that plagued the United States then ... as well as now.Among the questions discussed were:Is there a leader, today, that could have done what Martin Luther Ki ...

EPI 026 | Blaine Kerr

Tue Mar 27 2018 (59:14)

Stereotype Destroyer

Fellow show host, proud resident of the Applalachian area, and podcast host of 'Appalachian Pi, Blaine Kerr, reveals himself! He gets in depth as to howthe city of Nashville has changed over the years - and talks about race, city vs. mountain living and common decency. He also mentions how he would like to go by one name - like Cher. He also reveals:The angering state of America becoming more corporateHis opinion about the importance of rootsHow much the state of independence rea ...

EPI 025 | Jim Burgoon

Tue Mar 20 2018 (59:03)

Unconventional Roads

Former atheist-turned pastor, leadership coach and public speaker, Jim Burgoon, reveals himself. He talks about his journey as a practicing atheist, and his Facebook Lives motivating people to live their best life. He also reveals:How we should be living in a 'fatherless generation'The fact he does not come down to someone's level of stupidHow his wife is a prime example of a Proverbs 31 womanHis journey and motivation of physically planting a churchYou can follow Jim on the following social med ...

EPI 024 | Marsha Guerrier

Tue Mar 13 2018 (57:54)

Woman On The Rise

Life balance coach, business consultant, author, entrepreneur and founder of Women on the Rise NY, Marsha Guerrier, reveals herself! She talks about being a proud Brooklynite and her Haitian roots. She also delves into her collegiate journey. She also reveals:Why is it important to empower women entrepreneursThe dance of being an entrepreneur vs. being a corporate America employeeThe purpose of Women On The RiseHer 'secret' business she helmsYou can follow Marsha on the following social media pl ...

EPI 023 | Kalen Smith

Tue Mar 06 2018 (58:37)

Branding Her Genius

Former military veteran, Bronze Star Medal winner, and branding enthusiast Kalen Smith reveals herself. She mentions how her East Coast roots got transformed into West Coast love. She also talks about her love of branding business in general. She also reveals:Her ROTC days at Austin PeayBeing an officer in the US ArmyHer journey in learning about herself under stress and finding faithHow she has dabbled in podcasting and writingYou can follow Kalen on the following social media platforms:Kalen's ...

EPI 022 | George Rock

Thu Mar 01 2018 (59:54)

The New Style

Rock enthusiast, A&R executive, radio on-air personality and host of the show 'World Rock Countdown', George Rock reveals himself. He talks about the need for radio to be revolutionaized and his love, and need, of hearing new sounds in he music space. George also discusses his love of playing the bass guitar. He also reveals:The importance of family in his lifeHow has became a huge fan of Van HalenThe passion of finding and discovering new rock bandsWhy his love of podcasting sees the artform as ...

EPI 021 | Patrice Jackson

Mon Feb 26 2018 (47:24)

VA Extraoridniare

An entrepreneur almost from the womb: CEO of Ms Savvy Pro and podcast host of 'The Ms. Savvy Pro Show', Patrice Jackson reveals herself. She talks about the beauty (and struggles) of having the entrepreneurial spirit within her - and the lessons which she takes with her to this day. She also reveals:The juggling act of being an entrepreneur with heartHow fascinated she is with marketing and the consumerHow the nickname 'Ms. Savvy Pro' came to lifeThe beauty of being an author and a podcast hostY ...

EPI 020 | D. Murph

Sat Feb 17 2018 (59:48)

No Matter What

Former NCAA basketball player and podcast host of Why Not Sports? and FLAGRANT 2, Derrick Murphy, a.k.a D. Murph reveals himself. He talks about life in Chicago as an emerging basketball prospect, the purpose of 'Why Not Sports?" and his growth into being in Houston. He also reveals:How divorce shaped his futureHow his daughter made him into the man he isThe competitive nature of 'The Big Homie'Why God is at the center of all his moves in lifeYou can follow D. Murph on the following social media ...

EPI 019 | Danny Savage

Sun Feb 11 2018 (59:41)

Party + Music = Life

Event planner, marketing strategist, CEO of Igloo Disco and new podcast host, Danny Savage, reveals himself. He talks about how music is such a live saver for him, his love of DJs and growing up in Britain, He also talks about living in Spain setting up shop as a marketing entrepreneur. He also reveals:The origin of Igloo DiscoHis ultimate purpose with event planning and partiesHow much fun every party can beThe new podcast 'That Danny Savage Show'You can follow Danny on the following social med ...

EPI 018 | Joe Pardo

Sat Feb 03 2018 (59:56)

Business and Life

Business consultant, the founder of the Mid-Atlantic Podcast and MAPCON and The Business Podcast featuring Super Joe Pardo, Joe Pardo reveals himself. He discusses how he gave up a family business for something greater, life in South Jersey and the success of MAPCON, the podcast conference based out of the Philadelphia area. He also reveals:The beauty of living in the Philadelphia metropolitan areaJoe's love affaitr with DJingThe disccussion of the name 'Super' Joe PardoThe genesis of a new podc ...

EPI 017 | Steven Picanza

Tue Jan 30 2018 (59:59)

Pure Energy

CEO of The Creative Hustler, and podcast host of the same name, Steven Picanza, reveals himself! He talks about being an East Coast guy while living on the West Coast, travelling and living an unconventional life. He also reveals:The overall purpose of The Creative HustlerGrowing up in Long Island, but graduating high school in CaliforniaWhy he doesn't wait for tomorrow in living lifeThe joys (and pains) of a Yankee fan being married to a Red Sox fanYou can follow Steven on the following social ...

EPI 016 | James Roberts

Sat Dec 09 2017 (57:14)

Different Mindset

Nutirtion coach, podcast host of "Mind Set Game Podcast," and a paralympian, James Roberts reveals himself.James speaks about his journey of becoming an Olyumpic-trained rower (among other sports), and the never-ending competitive spirit. He also reveals:The importance of family supportHow James overcame the mentality of being a paraplegicHow his message is reaching the worldThe strength he gained while being an athlete (rower, basketball, volleyball)You can follow James on the following social ...

EPI 015 | Scott Doucet

Sat Dec 02 2017 (01:29:58)

New Level, New Devils

Public speaker, coach, entrepreneur, online tribe organizer and podcast host of 'Podcast Bay', Scott Doucet reveals himself.Scott talks about about his humbling, rough upbringing in Canada, his passion of music, his days of being an on-air personality and how he got in the podcasting game. He also reveals:Living on a military baseHow being charitable has its limitsThe universal appeal of having diverse music tastesThe rewards, and dangers, of advancing to new plaes in lifeYou can follow Scott on ...

GD 002 | College Days

Tue Oct 03 2017 (54:43)

Higher Learning Lessons

Four ladies reveal their time in college - and the lessons are plentiful!First, Sptehanie Calahan (EPI 014) talks about diversity shaping and molding her future while at Illinois State.Laila Alieh (EPI 012) discusses how perseverence paid off in her relentless pursuit of graduating from Purdue university.Autumn Woodland (EPI 010 and GD 001) uncovers how life outside the classroom was a learning experience at Florida A&M and Hofstra University.Finally: In an audio premiere - VJ Burton (EPI 011) r ...

EPI 014 | Stephanie Calahan

Thu Sep 28 2017 (59:59)

Golden Handcuffs

Public speaker, coach, entrepreneur, marketer and "uberguest", Stephanie Calahan, reveals herself!Stephanie talks about her Midwest life, and training in music. She also discusses her time in Cor[porate America and the beauty of being an entrepreneur. She also reveals:Being a woman and hearing her roar!The awesome power of interracial loveThe trappings of corporate successHer 'dance' of being creative and logicalYou can follow Stephanie on the following social media platforms:Stephanie's Websit ...

EPI 013 | Line Brunet

Tue Sep 19 2017 (59:55)

Grace Under Fire

Success coach, radio executive and co-founder/co-host of Grit & Grace TV, Line Brunet, reveals herself!Line speaks glowingly about British Columbia, her father and being a woman. She also speaks on her upbringing and the love of media creation. She also reveals:Her heathy respect of natureThe raw, pure, unadulterated power of femininityHer deep love for PrinceHow Grit & Grace became a media outletYou can follow Line on the following social media platforms:MileHIRadio's Website - MileHIRadioLine' ...

EPI 012 | Laila Alieh

Tue Sep 12 2017 (59:58)

The Wedding Fitness Astronaut

Civil engineer, former NASA employee, and entrepreneur, Laila Alieh, reveals herself!Laila talks about her Persian roots, her journey to both Purdue and NASA and what it took for her to finally become the entrepreneur she was meant to be. She also reveals: The beauty of IranHer reason as to why she selected Purdue UniversityHer journey to get to entrepreneurshipHow NASA, fitness, weddings and engineering became her business modelYou can follow Laila on the following social media platforms:Laila ...

EPI 011 | VJ Burton

Tue Sep 05 2017 (59:17)

Cheerleading In Life

Co-host of 'Choppin' It Up w/ Q' and the self-professed 'Critical Dump Intern,' VJ Burton reveals herself.She talks about her love of sports blossoming into being a multi-sport athlete. VJ also speaks on her chemistry with her co-hosts and overcoming the most difficult trial of her life. She also reveals ...-- Being in East Texas but having Chicago roots-- What a college education means to her-- The special bond she shares with her co-host, Q-- The continual struggle of divorceYou can follow VJ ...

GD 001 | Autumn Woodland

Fri Sep 01 2017 (44:44)

Talking White

Talking White | Autumn WoodlandCreator/moderator/podcast host of 'We Got The Jazz' and voiceover artist, Autumn Woodland, goes deeper!Autumn expounds on the interesting phenomenon of speaking correct English syntax with no accent nor dialect, and how others have made her feel bad for doing so. She also mentions how important both her 'We Got The Jazz' co-hosts are to the life of her creation. The topics discussed are:-- Ryan being the gumbo with Shaun playing the comedic genius in 'We Got The Ja ...

EPI 010 | Autumn Woodland

Tue Aug 29 2017 (56:04)

The Power Of Identity

Autumn Woodland | The Power Of IdentityVoiceover artist, podcast moderator/producer of 'We Got The Jazz', Autumn Woodland reveals herself.Autumn discusses her time growing up in Western Pennsylvania, her college days and the reasoning behind moving to Baltimore. She also talks about her needs to be creative in a logical world. Autumn also reveals:-- The 'culture shock' that was going to college down south-- Her journey to Baltimore-- Her struggles past receiving her law degree-- How podcasting c ...

EPI 009 | Christal Clear

Tue Aug 22 2017 (45:05)

Purpose-Filled Communication

Christal Clear | Purpose-Filled CommunicationPodcast host of 'Christal Clear,' Christal Clear reveals herself.Christal talks about her Houston roots, the difference between Houston and Dallas and her spiritual convictions. She also expresses the power of clarity and communication. Christal also reveals:-- The overall motivation of the pseudonym, Christal Clear-- The growth of her platform-- Her motivation to communicate the different topics in her podcast-- Her relationship with Jesus as a girl ...

EPI 008 | Ben Sudderth, III

Tue Aug 15 2017 (39:28)

Faith And Athletics

Ben Sudderth, III | Faith And AthleticsPodcast host of "The BS3 Sports Show," Ben Sudderth, III reveals himself.Ben talks about life in the Bay Area, talks about his time in ATL and becoming a Texan now living in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. Ben also reveals ...-- The beauty of growing up in the San Francisco-Oakland area-- His choice of going to Morehouse College-- How BS3 Sports was born-- Why he ties in sports with Christian hip-hopYou can follow Ben on the following social media platforms:Spre ...

EPI 007 | Jae Robinson

Tue Aug 08 2017 (57:44)

Safe Emotional Places

Jae Robinson | Safe Emotional PlacesPodcast host of "Just Say Words," and co-host of "The M.A.N. Podcast," Jae Robinson, a.k.a. Jae, reveals himself.Jae unveils the origin of his podcast, the ultimate goal for The M.A.N. Podcast and his roots in West Philadelphia. Jae also reveals ...-- "Just Say Words" originally being planned as a group podcast-- His lack of love for NPR programming and style-- The fear of possibly being gunned down on the street-- What a hip-hop top five list says about youYo ...

EPI 001 | Ashley Sanders

Tue Aug 01 2017 (46:17)

Laughing Through The Pain

Ashley Sanders | Laughing Through The PainComedian, debater, blogger and founder/creative director of "Who's This?," Ashley Sanders reveals herself.Ashley talked about needing to use her voice for big platforms. She also talked about the beauty of comedy cutting to the heart of the matter, and being powerful with the different methods of learning in life. Ashley also reveals:-- How swimming is the most exhausting thing she's ever done-- Having to watch the miniseries 'Roots' every year-- The nua ...

EPI 002 | Joe Foley

Tue Aug 01 2017 (33:03)

Active Fatherhood

Joe Foley | Active FatherhoodProud father, and podcast host of "No Sitting On The Sidelines Dad Podcast," Joe Foley reveals himself.Joe talked about the beauty of living in New England, and his love affair with the New England Patriots. Also, he talked about how fandom was different before 2001 as compared to after. Joe also reveals:-- The thrill of the latest Super Bowl-- His first time going to a baseball game at Fenway Park-- Walking through the audio journal-turned-podcast journey-- The pain ...

EPI 003 | Rebecca Lemke

Tue Aug 01 2017 (56:29)

Christianity Under Trial

Rebecca Lemke | Christianity Under TrialMother, author and podcast host of "The Scarley Virgins," Rebecca Lemke reveals herself.Rebecca unveils the journey of anorexia and pregnancy difficulty. She also talked about how Jesus was the biggest factor in overcoming obstacles through becoming an author and blogger. Rebecca also reveals:-- Her need to blog about motherhood-- Her Huffington Post article about a Black man in college-- The role The Purity Culture has impacted sex in Christianity-- The p ...

EPI 004 | Mr. Controversy

Tue Aug 01 2017 (53:03)

Realness In Sports

Mr. Controversy | Realness In SportsThe CEO of the podcast/brand, "The 3 Point Conversion Sports Longue," Raphael Haynes - a.k.a. Mr. Controversy reveals himself.Mr. Controversy reminisces about the power of the Chicago sports fan and how much it was a shock for people to hate Michael Jordan. He also talks about how Atlanta differs from Chicago in sports culture. He also reveals ...-- How Chicago was spoiled during the Bulls championships in 1991-1993-- The pain of dealing with being a Bears fan ...

EPI 005 | Airial Re'nal Dandridge

Tue Aug 01 2017 (55:26)

Soldiering Beyond Abuse

Airial Re'nal Dandridge | Soldiering Beyond AbusePodcast host of "The Veteran Woman," motivational speaker, aspiring author and coach, Airial Re'nal Dandridge reveals herself.Airial talked about her East Texas roots, and her time at Spelman in Atlanta. She also talked about joining the military and the lessons learned while serving all over the world. Airial also reveals ...-- How 9/11 motivated her to join the US Army-- The lessons she learned in divorce-- How, and why, she created her business ...

EPI 006 | Q The Great

Tue Aug 01 2017 (59:26)

Diversity On Display

Q The Great | Diversity On DisplayPodcast host of "Choppin' It Up w/ Q," co-founder of The Critical Dump Network, and radio co-host of "Talking Thirty," Quinton Simpson, a.k.a. Q The Great, reveals himself.Q discusses growing up in Beaumont and his 'college tour'. He also mentions his move to the Metroplex and married life. Q also reveals ...-- The motivation of how The Critical Dump Network got started-- The lessons he learned about being a single father-- His evolution of 'Choppin' It Up w/ Q' ...

EPI 000 | Prologue

Tue Jul 25 2017 (04:57)

Revealing Humanty Together

This is the introduction to the show's overall concept where host and guests communicate truth to power.The host, Cole Johnson, explains the journey leading up to the title of the podcast. Then, he dives into the purpose of the podcast.