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PAN 001 | MLK, Jr. - 50 Years After Death

Revelations takes Martin Luther King, Jr's assissination, and its aftermath, to the panel!

Ashley Sanders ("Who's This? Live"), Dave Maresca ("The Hollow9ine Network"), Blaine Kerr ("Applalachian Pi") and Rodney Perry ("The Simply King Podcast") came together in tribute to the slain civil rights leader/activists and talked about many issues that plagued the United States then ... as well as now.

Among the questions discussed were:

  • Is there a leader, today, that could have done what Martin Luther King, Jr. did during the Montgomery Bus Boycott?
  • Taking the cue from 'A Letter from a Birminham Jail, what role does today's church need to play in making the overall soceity better?
  • With MLK, Jr.: a 1966 Gallup poll cited that Americans had a 63% unapproval rating why do you believe a man who silently or non-violently protests something that is unjust draws so much friction, hatred and opposition from many people?
  • After MLK's death, Are we closer to seeing true freedom in America? Or are we still metaphorically seeing our neighborhoods burn from apathy, hatred and intolerance?

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