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RBBT 13 - "Imperial Oyster Stout"

Mon Dec 17 2018 (59:20)

Beer of the Week: "30th Anniversary Imperial Oyster Stout" from Great Lakes Brewing CompanyAdditional Talking Points: Last-minute Christmas gifts for beer lovers; things you MUST know about oysters, Drake's Bay ControversyContact:, Twitter: @rustbeltbeer Instagram: @rustbeltbeerMusic via

RBBT 12 - "Meat & Potatoes"

Mon Dec 10 2018 (01:03:45)

Beer of the Week: "Meat & Potatoes" from Lord Hobo Brewing CompanyAdditional Talking Points: Christmas Drinking Game!; behaving badly at ChristmastimeContact:, Twitter: @rustbeltbeerMusic via

RBBT 11 - "Confucious"

Mon Dec 03 2018 (01:05:02)

Beer of the Week: "Confucious" from 42 North Brewing CompanyAdditional Talking Points: Going over Niagara Falls in a barrel; worst Christmas songs; best Christmas songs/albumsContact:, Twitter: @rustbeltbeerMusic via

RBBT 10 - "Old Man Winter"

Mon Nov 26 2018 (01:04:43)

Beer of the Week: "Old Man Winter" from Southern Tier Brewing Co.Additional Talking Points: Winter times past and present, Weird Beer Name Game returnsContact:, Twitter: @rustbeltbeerMusic via

RBBT 09 🦃 - "Caramel Apple Cuvée"

Mon Nov 19 2018 (01:04:04)

Beer of the Week: "Caramel Apple Cuvée" from Ellicottville Brewing Co.Additional Talking Points: Bad Thanksgiving traditions; Thanksgiving dinner beer pairingContact:, Twitter: @rustbeltbeerMusic via

RBBT 08 - "Let's Go Pils"

Mon Nov 12 2018 (56:59)

Beer of the Week: "Let's Go Pils" from Community Beer Works.Additional Talking Points: Tailgating; Rough times at the stadium; Wild times in football historyContact:, Twitter: @rustbeltbeerMusic via

RBBT 07 - "Spotted Cow"

Mon Nov 05 2018 (51:34)

Beer of the Week: "Spotted Cow" from New Glarus Brewing Co.Additional Talking Points: Blitzedgiving: The Thanksgiving Drinking Game; Cow vs Helicopter; Cow vs DeputyContact:, Twitter: @rustbeltbeerMusic via

🎃🎃🎃 Abandon all hope, ye who enter the Halloween spook-tacular episode of Rust Belt Beer Talk! 🎃🎃🎃Beer of the Week: "Double Chocolate Milk Stout" from Lancaster Brewing CoAdditional Talking Points: Good/Bad Halloween costumes; Beer-themed Halloween costumes; Beer pairings for your favorite Halloween candyContact:, Twitter: @rustbeltbeerMusic via

RBBT 05 - "The Hemperor"

Mon Oct 22 2018 (56:04)

Beer of the Week: "The Hemperor HPA" from New Belgium Brewing CompanyAdditional Talking Points: Hemp regulation; Bill Coors' beer can; Discussion on glasswareContact:, Twitter: @rustbeltbeerMusic via

RBBT 04 - "Nosferatu"

Mon Oct 22 2018 (55:12)

Beer of the Week: "Oktoberfest" from Great Lakes Brewing CompanyAdditional Talking Points: Scary movies; Drunk birds; Return of the Weird Beer Name Game!Contact:, Twitter: @rustbeltbeerMusic via

RBBT 03 - "Oktoberfest"

Mon Oct 22 2018 (01:00:14)

Beer of the Week: "Oktoberfest" from Hamburg Brewing CompanyAdditional Talking Points: Oktoberfest history; Build-A-Bar WorkshopContact:, Twitter: @rustbeltbeerMusic via

RBBT 02 - "Breakfast With Churchill"

Mon Oct 22 2018 (58:07)

Beer of the Week: "Breakfast with Churchill" from War Horse Brewing CompanyAdditional Talking Points: Political discussion; The Reinheitsgebot; and the Weird Beer Name GameContact:, Twitter: @rustbeltbeerMusic via

The inaugural episode of the internet's freshest beer podcast!Beer of the Week: "Curmudgeon's Better Half" from Founders Brewing Co.Additional Talking Points: The future of the craft beer industry; BJCP beer judgingContact:, Twitter: @rustbeltbeerMusic via