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How to Work From Anywhere and Make Money Online

Season 1, Ep. 40

Ever see the remotely working, world traveling gals on Instagram and wonder to yourself – how the heck do they do that?! Well, sister – you’re not the only one. In this episode, Jordan brings on Cassie and Shay of the Bucketlist Bombshells to chat about how they booked a one-way ticket to Mexico, met at a coffee shop, and started an online business with no client list, no experience, and not a ton of direction initially. If you can relate to the feeling of starting small and could borrow a little inspiration, you’re in for a treat because these ladies are dishing their best advice and experience on how YOU can begin your online business. In this episode, you’ll learn what you need to simply begin (spoiler alert: you’re already qualified), how to use your failures to propel yourself forward, and insider tips on working effectively as a team. Sister, even if you’re not looking to start your own business from home, you’ll want to tune in for tangible advice on why you shouldn’t wait to start something until you feel ready and how to respectfully disagree with others at work or life in general. Cassie and Shay are breaking the mold of what the ‘real world’ looks like and paving the way for the next generation of location, independent women. Won’t you join them?

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