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Arjan Singh Bhullar, UFC Fighter

Tue Oct 23 2018 (41:15)

The first Sikh UFC Fighter, and former Olympian

Outside of equality and the turban, Sikhs are most known for their prowess in battle. In this episode, we chat with a real-life warrior, Arjan Singh Bhullar, who is an Olympic freestyle wrestler and the first Sikh fighter signed to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)— the premier mix martial arts (MMA) promotion in the world. According to MMA World Ranking, Arjan iscurrently ranked #21 in the heavyweight division and recently fought in Phoenix, Arizona.Sikh Meets Worldcaught up with him bef ...

Senator Manka Kaur Dhingra

Mon Sep 17 2018 (55:08)

The first Sikh elected to a State Senate

As the first Sikh elected to a State Senate, Manka Dhingra is on well on her way to a successful political career in her hometown of Redmond, Washington in the suburbs of Seattle. In the 2nd edition ofSikh Meets World, we talkwith the recently-elected State Senator to understand her American story and what drove her into public office.Manka details how she immigrated at an early age to her time finding love at U.C. Berkeley. We touch on how she ended up starting a nonprofit as well becoming aSen ...

Pardeep Singh Kaleka & Arno Michaelis

Wed Aug 08 2018 (01:01:01)

Activists and co-authors of The Gift of Our Wounds

Released after the sixth anniversary of the Oak Creek, Wisconsin Gurdwara shooting, the first episode ofSikh Meets Worldsits down with Pardeep Singh Kaleka, whose father was shot and killed in the hate-fueled attack, and Arno Michaelis, the former white supremacist who created the racist, skinhead organization which Michael Wade Page, the attacker, belonged to and believed in.Pradeep shares his family’s story in America,his struggles after the shooting, and how he has tried to make an impact sin ...