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Latest Episode2019-1-28

Season 2, Episode 1: "Is This Something LIghT™ or Something Shady?!"

Something LIghT surely started off Season 2 with a bang!

Roc (the host) of Unpopular Opinion Podcast and Duce, 1/4 of Cognac Chronicles Podcast, join Ani Cee and Laysha Danyelle as they catch up on everything they didn't get to address since last season's, last episode.

They lightly touch on the documentaries on R. Kelly, Chris Brown and the allegations made against him, #CancelCulture, Mental Health and give an update on Laysha's work hubby, who may or may not be her boyfriend. Of course there's so much more!

In this same week the ladies were guests on Unpopular Opinion Podcast so they had to balance out all the woman bashing that Roc brings, because you know #MenRTrash .


Season 2, Episode 1: "Is This Something LIghT™ or Something Shady?!"

Season 2, Episode 1 with Unpopular Opinion and Duce OG

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Episode 19 - Battle of the Sexes

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