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Episode 80 – Below Underneath

Ep. 80

All good things must come to an end, and also so does August Around the World. For the last leg of this particular journey, it’s time to head to Australia!

To be fair, this is hardly the show’s first visit to this particular continent (or even its third), but this IS the first trip to Australia that is exclusively about ghost stories! Jake leads off with another Reddit find, because he truly is the worst at finding ghost story sources. Listen to the actually fairly heartwarming tale of a little girl and her perhaps not-so-imaginary friend, and find out whether ghosts die when hit by trucks.

Then, after the most chilling round of Shadowlands Roulette to date, Wyatt discusses the Monte Cristo homestead, a place where everyone and their baby gets thrown down the stairs to their death. Does this schmancy old house turned bed and breakfast live up to its reputation as Australia’s most haunted sandwich-named building? For a couple hundred dollarydoos a night, you can find out firsthand!

The month-long world tour may be ending, but never fear! There are plenty more adventures ahead. So grab some bleach, turn on a relaxing vacuum cleaner, and tune in to this week’s episode of Superduperstitious!



Kaijin depiction:

Jake’s story

“Potential Lifelong Haunting”:

Imaginary friends:

Wyatt’s story

Monte Cristo background:

Monte Cristo website:

Monte Cristo hauntings:



Episode 79 – Oh. Canada.

Ep. 79

August Around the World won’t stop until August does! YOUR MOVE, AUGUST.

This installment finds the boys in Canada! But not literally. (Although, depending on how close to the release date you happen to catch this episode, Wyatt actually MIGHT be actively in Ontario, so there you go.) ANYWAY, guess what’s back? The Phantom of the Chicago! And guess what it probably still is? Birds!

Once the regional fun begins in earnest, Wyatt kicks things off all the way up in Nunavut, with a Baffin Island Inuit creation tale involving familiar lycanthropic imagery. Try to ignore the implications of a human-canine marriage long enough to follow the trail south to Quebec, where Europeans bring… tales of the very same creatures? Remember: the first rule of being a loup-garou is you do NOT talk about being a loup-garou.

Jake then heads west all the way to the Pacific, with a Vancouver ghost story that’ll scare the blankets right off of you. If you’re house sitting all alone and start to get creeped out, you’d be wise to leave the lights on — but that may not be enough. Redditors really know how to deliver, don’t they?

Keep your tuque on tight so your ears don’t get sickle sliced, and stay away from your aunt’s swimming pool — it’s all aboot the Great White North on this episode of Superduperstitious. So don’t miss it, ya hoser!



Wyatt’s story

The origin of the Adlet and of the Qadlunait:

The Miller and the Loup-Garou:


News accounts:

Jake’s story

“The Nanny Tried to Warn Me”:


Episode 78 – Not the Real Sredni Vashtar

Ep. 78

Wyatt and Jake are determined to stick to their month-long prompt of finding stories from all around the world, even if they’re terrible at it. This week, it’s India!

Following a quick PANDER session for patrons, Jake continues to use Reddit as a crutch as he just kinda dumps out a series of random stories vaguely connected to the country in question. Haunted objects? Haunted houses? Very tall women? This segment’s got ‘em all, plus a horrible humanoid creature sighting for extra good measure.

It’s then time to face the dreaded wheels in a long overdue round of Shadowlands Roulette, but that doesn’t deter Wyatt from proceeding onward to tell the story of some bugs and some music. Turns out, when there are more people around to spread rumors, those rumors spread very effectively. But, like, nobody ENJOYS getting randomly scratched in the face at night, so, you know.

Be cautious of any unpainted decorations brought home by family members, and try not to repeat “sanedo sanedo sanedo laal sanedo” TOO many times if you can avoid it. Superduperstitious is not liable if this episode causes you to become possessed/cursed. Batteries not included. Some restrictions apply. Results may vary.



Jake’s story

First story:

Assortment of stories:

“This One Time in India”:

Xtro GIF:

Wyatt’s story

Muhnochwa 1:

Muhnochwa 2:

Muhnochwa 3:

Muhnochwa 4:

Weird cricket:

Cursed songs:

“Jhalak Dikhla Ja”:

“Sanedo Sanedo (Lal Sanedo)”:


Episode 77 – Toto Tales

Ep. 77

August Around the World continues, this time in Africa!

After a bit of clarification RE: the Fire Killer (namely the fact that Wyatt and Jake are not him), Wyatt takes off into the forests of the Congo River basin in search of an elusive ape. And this time, it’s not even an upright one! This is the story of how sometimes the legends really ARE true. And at the end of the journey, you find a creature that poops just SO big.

Jake heads in a different direction, with some botanical buffoonery, namely the so-called Madagascar Devil Tree. Is anyone really surprised that a bunch of white people would totally eat up a story about a tree that totally eats up people? The tale itself may be absurd, but you won’t leave empty-handed! Jake also provides some half-assed science about the world’s REAL carnivorous plants, and then fails to remember the verb “to taper”.

Get ready to meet your smash-y cousins, and don’t drink anything from any flailing plants as you tuck into this week’s episode of Superduperstitious!



Fire Killer reports:

Wyatt’s story

Gorilla legend:


Andrew Battell:

Bili ape mystery:

Bili apes found:

Oliver the chimpanzee:

Jake’s story


Devil Tree of Madagascar:

Moar spooky tree:

Sheep-eating plant:


Episode 76 – Mos' Scotia

Ep. 76

Watch out for rogue waves and try to outrun your shadow, it’s time for some international tales! (Note: If the episode prompt is “the British Isles”, don’t be surprised when both hosts just pick Scotland.)

After a noisy revisit to what was once believed to be bugs, Jake mounts an expedition to the Cairngorms, the favored haunt of An Fear Liath Mòr, The Big Grey Man. There are many opinions on what this frightening figure lurking atop Ben Macdui might be, but one thing’s for sure: finding out will involve a lot of embarrassing impersonations.

A brand new recurring segment follows, in which Wyatt and Jake find a new use for the NCAAA, the arcane computer they built/summoned back in Episode 60. After that, Wyatt takes us to the Outer Hebrides (pronounced HEE-bryedz) to investigate the mysterious disappearance of the lighthouse keepers of Eilean Mòr. Hear the century-old tale of how, if you go outside without a coat, you’ll catch a cold so bad that three guys die.

You CANNOT be ready for the amazing adventure that is AUGUST AROUND THE WORLD. It all starts here, on Superduperstitious!



Sonic attacks update:

“Mos’ Scocious”:

Jake’s story

Am Fear Liath Mòr:òr

The Scotsman article:

Alastair Borthwick’s accounts:

Brocken spectre photo #1:

Brocken spectre photo #2:

Reel by Calum Stewart:

Wyatt’s story

The Eilean Mòr lighthouse mystery:

Historic UK:

Theories as to what happened:

Microburst GIF: