30: Annie Hart on managing your band's finances

Fri Dec 01 2017 (38:04)

Annie Hart made her name as one third of Au Revoir Simone, a band she initially formed almost fifteen years ago after befriending Erika Forster on a trainride from New York to Vermont. 

Along with Heather D'Angelo, Au Revoir Simone have released four records and despite their last coming out almost half a decade ago, the trio’s star remains on the ascent, with several appearances on the third season of Twin Peaks earlier this year.

The Long Island-born Annie released Impossible Accomplice, her first solo record in the summer, and we met her when she came to the UK to play at Margate’s By The Sea festival.

As an independent musician, Annie’s managed the finances for Au Revoir Simone since the band’s inception and today we’re talking about her expertise as a book-keeper.

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