09: Bastille's Dan Smith and Podcasts

Thu Jul 06 2017 (54:51)

Bastille's Dan Smith talks about his favourite podcasts to Jen Long as the pair attempt to understand just why we love them so much. The full list of podcasts Dan recommends are: Serial, This American Life, S-Town, NPRinvisibilia, TED Radio Hour, How I Built This, Reply All, Startup, The Adam Buxton Podcast, Sodajerker, Reversal of the Muse, My Favourite Murder, Song Exploder, Tiny Desk Sessions, Missing Richard Simmons, You Must Remember This, Heavyweight, Code Switch, The Dollop and Terrible (Thanks For Asking). Also mentioned were No Such Thing As A Fish, My Dad Wrote A Porno, They Walk Among Us, Sampler, Surprisingly Awesome, Science Vs and Mystery Show.

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