29: Natti from Fickle Friends on Yuval Harari’s Sapiens

Thu Nov 23 2017 (44:46)

Natti Shiner is the principle singer, songwriter and synth player in Fickle Friends, the hardest working indie-pop band in the UK right now.

Natti was born in the mountains of Switzerland, but raised in Devon and the New Forest by her bohemian Madonna and ABBA-loving mother who’d drag her to WOMAD every summer.A teenage obsession with Avril Lavigne set Natti on the path to music and she stared drumming in her first band when she was 11.

She thought she’d end up becoming a doctor, but applied to drama school on a whim and that’s where she met her future bandmates.

Natti’s the first guest we’ve had on Talk The Line to choose a book as her particular obsession and it’s one of the most popular non fiction books of the last decade: Yuval Harari’s Sapiens.

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