41: Fischerspooner on Food and Memory

Fri Feb 23 2018 (38:53)

Fischerspooner began as a performance art piece in New York City at the end of the last century. They played their very first performance at a Manhattan Starbucks, which ultimately transformed into a spectacle that ushered in the electroclash scene. With the song "Emerge" they created one of the defining songs of that short-lived movement.

This year they're back with Sir, their first new record in more than a decade. The highly personal album chronicles a tumultuous and emotionally fraught period of Casey Spooner’s life and was co-written and produced by REM's Michael Stipe.

For this episode of Talk The Line, Casey tells Jen Long about the food experiences that shaped him. You can check out a full list of the places he recommends on our show notes blog at talktheline.blog