Episode 15 - Y Kant Jeremy Reed

Tue Jun 20 2017 (01:05:48)

There's nothing better than being surrounded by old friends while mourning the loss of another: Doug, Eric, and comic-buff Carl pay their respects to the legendary Adam West. Carl explains the deft skill necessary to play a video game, train for a triathlon, and waterboard an albino simultaneously. DC demonstrates its reboot prowess with The Flintstones, while Universal follows the tired track to trainwreck with The Mummy. Eric spins a chilling campfire tale of broken servers and manual matchmaking courtesy of Illfonic's popular new Friday the 13th title, and Doug is a spoiled bitch when it comes to software. Powder.

Ryan Kirley, composer of the P:C theme "American Punk", can now be found under his new brand "Sun of Aquarius" at https://www.facebook.com/rdkirley and https://soundcloud.com/user-73667850

The Challenged Are Chugging: Anchor Brewing's Mango Wheat - 4.5% ABV, 25 IBU: Eric 3.9/5 , Doug 3.8/5 TinCup Bourbon Whiskey - 42% ABV: Carl 4/5