Episode 9 - Ego Shoots, We Swallow

Tue May 09 2017 (40:17)

SPOILER ALERT! Doug and Eric are joined by Bitfaced's Tyler "Run TRG" Glaze for a spoiler-filled review of James Gunn's side-splitting, seed-spilling Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. We wash down that creamy Marvel goodness with an appropriately-themed beer while questioning our place in the Whoniverse.

The Challenged are Chugging: 4 Noses Brewing's Proboscis Galaxy American Pale Ale - 60 IBU, 5.8% ABV Tyler: 4/5 (…with full marks for his pronunciation), Eric: 4.4/5,  Doug: 4.44/5

Lead-in song: The Chain, by Fleetwood Mac