Episode 2 - Do Vulcans Menstruate Green Blood?

Fri Jan 27 2017 (01:11:12)

Episode 02 neatly ignores the drunken episode Doug & Eric taped last week in favor of bringing you coherent conversation and dope-ass dialog.  We cover beer, politics, music, movies, games and much more!


The Challenged are Chugging:

Crabtree Brewing Company's Peach Habanero Imperial Red Ale, Doug & Eric both rate it a 4/5

Great Divide Brewing Company's Colette Farmhouse Ale, Eric 5/5

Bristol Brewing's Wireless Warlock Barrel Aged Stout, Doug 3.5/5

"The Blonde" referenced from last week's unaired footage was Aspen Brewing's This Season's Blonde, Doug 4/5


Topics include:


Trump's inauguration and the Women's March


Nine Inch Nails and the new EP Not The Actual Events & upcoming albums by other artists



We revisit this year's comic book movie slate (this time in the correct order! ) including recent rumors on the Deadpool sequel and DC's Green Lantern Corp.


Top pirated movies from last week


Apple to produce original TV/movie content


Injustice 2


Eric's street lingo put to the test