Episode 1 - Origin Story

Fri Jan 06 2017 (01:17:17)

The Challenged Are Chugging:  Stone Brewing's Double Bastard Bigger Longer Uncut Scotch Ale.

Doug's rating:  4/5

Eric's rating:  DNP


Lead-in song:  Vampires Suck, Zombies Rule by Astrometrics.  Listen to the full track and other songs on their Free Music Archive page.



The pilot episode kicks off with introductions from your hosts and A Brief History of Crime; aka the origins of the "Project Challenged" title.


Eric & Doug discuss Super Mario Run as new territory into which Nintendo is forging as they release an entry to their most popular franchise on a competitor's mobile platform


The dialog continues with their spoiler-filled thoughts on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story as they both forget Chirrut Îmwe's name, but agree that he definitely isn't a Jedi.  Dead-eyed Tarkin, Punny Vader, and the ethics of CG Leia are all covered with the bonus feature of Eric singing the Star Wars closing theme.


Speculation turns to the upcoming Han Solo title, and what a buddy cop movie would look like in a galaxy far, far away before they completely butcher the timeline for the 2017 slate of comic book movies.  Hey, that's what the Internet is for:  http://www.denofgeek.com/uk/movies/comic-book-adaptations/32829/69-upcoming-comic-book-movies-and-when-to-expect-them

In the Segment That Should Never Have Been, your hosts air their differences on the last two Star Trek films.  Eric is a proud member of Boy Band Beyond, while Doug prefers the Member Berry-infused-cover-band-familiarity of Into Darkness.


Next up is coverage on Blizzard's event celebrating 20 years of Diablo across all of their active properties, and Eric sneaks in a glowing endorsement for Mafia III.



On Eric's Radar:  The Logan movie & the upcoming Spider-Man title on PS4


Episode 1 wraps up with fearless predictions for 2017.  Statistics suggest…  Nothing.  There is no science to be found here.

  • The Cowboys and Chiefs will square off in Super Bowl LI
  • Tool will finally release a new album
  • Apple will debut it’s a la carte streaming TV service
  • Microsoft will launch an XBOX One-compatible HoloLens
  • Trump will cause America to get nuked