21 - "Gary's Peace Pipe and Grimes GCSE": Coleridge-Taylor & Britten

Mon Sep 04 2017 (33:32)

WHO IS GARY WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT WHERE AM I? All will be revealed in this bombastic episode of That Classical Podcast, in which we talk poetry, peace pipes, epic corn, weird friends who tell you to get on a boat and leave them alone and, of course, Johnny Depp. Enjoy!

Music Featured in this Episode:

"Hiawatha / Hiawatha's Wedding Feast: And when all the guests had finished" - Samuel Coleridge-Taylor

"Symphonic Variations on an African Air, Op. 63" - Samuel Coleridge-Taylor

"Peter Grimes, Op. 33 / Act 3: 'To those who pass the borough'" - Benjamin Britten

"War Requiem, Op. 66 /Libera me: 'Let Us Sleep Now... In Paradisum - Benjamin Britten

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