18 - "Water Gits and Beard Pranks": Dvořák & Brahms

Sun Jul 02 2017 (31:13)

WOULD YOU MARRY A GOBLIN? FRANKLY OUR ADVICE IS TO STAY AWAY. For more top tips, why not listen to our brand spanking new episode, in which we discuss pigeons, wedding guests made of seafood and absolutely rubbish practical jokes. Enjoy! Music Featured in this Episode: "The Water Goblin, Op. 107" - Antonín Dvořák "Cello Concerto in B Minor, Op. 104, B. 191: 1. Allegro " - Antonín Dvořák "Symphony No. 3 in F, Op. 90: 1. Allegro con brio" - Johannes Brahms "Hungarian Dance No. 5 in G Minor" - Johannes Brahms ***Follow us on Twitter (@thatclassical) and on Instagram (@thatclassicalinsta) for some top notch social media entertainment. We promise it won't just be jokes about Mozart. N.B. we can make no promises it won't just be jokes about Mozart.***