17 - "Wolfgang Bieber and Skull Burglars": Mozart & Haydn

Mon May 29 2017 (34:33)

DOWN YOUR TOOLS. STOP THE PRESSES. CEASE PETTING THAT DOG. YES, IT IS TIME TO TALK ABOUT MOZART. AND HAYDN. We are ginormously excited to bring you this episode, featuring jokes about butts (all courtesy of Wolfgang) and tales of menstruation (that one's on Joseph. Literally!) Enjoyyyyy Music Featured in this Episode: "Requiem in D Minor, K.626: 3. Sequentia - Confutatis" - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart "Sonata for 2 Pianos in D, K448: 1. Allegro con spirito" - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart "Symphony in D, H.I No.6 - "Le Matin" 1: Adagio-Allegro" - Joseph Haydn "Die Shöpfung Hob.XXI:2/Part 1: Im Anfange schuf Gott Himmel und Erde" - Joseph Haydn ***Follow us on Twitter (@thatclassical) and on Instagram (@thatclassicalinsta) for some top notch social media entertainment. We promise it won't just be jokes about Mozart. N.B. we can make no promises it won't just be jokes about Mozart.***