16 - "Top Blokes and Crack Trains": Modern Classical Music II

Mon May 15 2017 (30:08)

HOLD YOUR HORSES PAL - A SECOND EPISODE ON MODERN CLASSICAL MUSIC WHY HAVE YOU DONE THIS. I'll tell you why: because we think modern classical music is tickety-boo that's why. This episode we explore some more classical bangers from the last century, and frankly we think you're gonna love it. Enjoy! Music Featured In This Episode: "Overture Candide" - Leonard Bernstein "Different Trains - America Before the War [movement 1]" - Steve Reich "The Lamb" - John Tavener "Finding the Pattern" - Jessica Curry ***Follow us on Twitter (@thatclassical) and on Instagram (@thatclassicalinsta) for some top notch social media entertainment. We promise it won't just be jokes about Mozart. N.B. we can make no promises it won't just be jokes about Mozart.***