12 - "Fiery Cosmic Eggs and Sŷnthéšīśęrs": Female Composers

Tue Feb 07 2017 (36:20)

DID YOU KNOW THAT SOMETIMES WOMEN ALSO WRITE MUSIC AND IT'S EXCELLENT? WELL OK THEN THAT'S GREAT I WAS JUST CHECKING DON'T GIVE ME YOUR SASS. This episode we talk about the female of the species writing some absolute classical bangers over the past 1000 years. Enjoy! Music Featured in this Episode: "Ancient Suite" - Hildegarde von Bingen "Piano Sonata in G Minor: IV. Finale: Presto-Allegro moderato e con espressione" - Fanny Mendelsohhn "String Quartet: I. Modere" - Germaine Tailleferre "Garden Secret I" - Kaija Saariaho ***Follow us on Twitter (@thatclassical) and on Instagram (@thatclassicalinsta) for some top notch social media entertainment. We promise it won't just be jokes about Mozart. N.B. we can make no promises it won't just be jokes about Mozart.***