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Ming Chen


Fri Oct 19 2018 (01:21:38)

Featuring IMPACT Tag Team Champions LAX and The Punishers Kobi Frurmer

New York Comic Con shut its doors at the Javitz Center but at The Peoples Improv Theatre the party kept bumping with The ADULTish Podcast's first live show. As per usual we have The ADULTish web series people David Rey, Bevin, and Brendan Sokler. We have our regular all star co hosts of Ming Chen and Mike Zapcic from AMC's Comic Book Men. But we also have our first live guest of IMPACT Wrestling's Tag Champions LAX and The Punisher's Kobi Frumer!


AT IT AGAIN ! The Gang is all here : Ming Chen (for at least the announcement), Mike Zapcic(for a lot of talking), Bevin(A decent amount of talking with you on the live stream), David (talks a bit lets not kid ourselves), and Brendan( if his allergies are holding up he may talk a ton). HERE TO TALK ABOUT ALL THE THINGS!...Some of the things!...A decent bit of stuff! We talk Iron Fist, Venom, AND EVERY BIT OF NERD NEWS!

It Be Fall Already? A Summer Recap

Tue Sep 25 2018 (01:06:19)

Brendan Sokler(ADULTish), Bevin(ADULTish,Den Of Geek), and Mike Zapcic(Comic Book Men) are joined by Ernie O'Donnell(Everything Kevin Smith) do a recap of all the happening of the summer, the history of Captain Marvel, and what they are looking forward to in the fall!

ADULTish star Bevin sits down with Comic Book Men Ming Chen and Mike Zapcic and their long time friend Ernie O'Donnell.

Ernie O'Donnell lists his IMDB profile, talks carpentry, what he does for Kevin Smith and teases his secret new adult cartoon project he's working on with Mike Zapcic. Ming talks about the time he went into a strip club and Bevin explains when a girl will "beg" for...well, you'll have to listen to find out.

After an infuriating 2 hours Ming Chen returns to the Shared Univserse studio and fixes the board! Oh and we talk Deadpool two!

Comic Book Men’s Ming Chen and Mike Zapcic once again join the Adultish crew to talk Deadpool 2! Is it better than the first? Sort of ish!

To Infinity War...and Beyond!

Mon Apr 30 2018 (01:46:35)

The gang is joined by Michael Dulce of Secrets of The Sire to talk Infinity War!

Brendan Sokler and Bevin of Adultish along time it’s Ming Chen and Mike Zapcic of AMC’s Comic Book men get together and talk Infinity War with Michael Dulce of Secrets of The Sire

Reference Player One

Mon Apr 09 2018 (01:37:02)

Mike Zapcic (AMC’s Comic Book Men) joins the ADULTish gang to talk Ready Player One and Nerd News!

David, Brendan, Bevin, and Mike Zapcic from AMC’s Comic book men go through all the references, twists, and turns of Ready Player One! They welcome their special guest, Ruby Rinesko of the popular Kiss Tribute band 'Kissnation'.

Ming Chen, Brendan, and David Rey are joined by Mike Zapcic! To talk Jessica Jones and the Nerd News of the week!

The Adultish gang is here talking with Mike Zapcic of AMC's Comic Book Men about Jessica Jones(up to the episodes Mike and Ming watched) and we cover all the latest Nerd News including breaking down the AVENGERS TRAILER!

Lions, Tigers, and Black Panthers - Oh My!

Fri Feb 23 2018 (01:12:18)

The ADULTish gang have seen Black Panther and they liked it. Listen to how much they like it and the upcoming nerd news of the week!

Ming (AMC's Comic Book Men) Brendan, David, and Bevin get into the latest nerd news and give their thoughts on Black Panther SPOILERS: it's uh...yeah, it's good.

The Gang Covers Gotham by Gaslight!

Wed Feb 14 2018 (53:24)

Michael Zapcic (AMC's Comic Book Men) joins Ming Chen, Brendan, Bevin, and David to talk about the new DC animated feature Gotham by Gaslight.

DC animated movies have been one of the best things DC has been putting out so half of the cast of AMC's Comic Book Men and The ADULTish Podcast gang got together to shoot the breeze about their latest movie Gotham By Gaslight. Which has Batman fighting Jack The Ripper in the 1800s.

Brendan, David,Bevin, and Ming Chen(AMC's Comic Book Men) discuss all the latest nerd news and cover the first two episodes of Black Lightning.

Ming Chen (AMC's Comic Book Men) ,Brendan, David, and Bevin have dived into the first two episodes of Black Lightning and spoilers it was dope. We cover all the latest nerd news and we have a secret cameo at the end of the episode.

X-Men! And Less Gooder X-Men!

Tue Jan 23 2018 (59:15)

The gang covers the pilots of The Gifted and The Inhumans

Brendan "Michael" Sokler, David "Tiberius" Rey , and Ming "AMC's Comic Book Men's Ming" Chen subject themselves to The Inhumans pilot and The Gifted pilot!

Two Top Tens and a Scattered Six

Mon Jan 15 2018 (01:14:50)

We do our top tens...mostly

Brendan and Trey make top ten lists of what they are most excited about in 2018. Ming not fully getting the memo gets an exciting list of six in no particular order!

The War Is Our Stars

Sat Dec 23 2017 (01:11:52)

Last Jedi! Loved it! Loved it...Hated it? Hear our thoughts!

Ming Chen(AMC's Comic Book Men) and The Adultish crew talk about The Last Jedi. Mike loved it, Ming loved it, Trey tries to figure out why he didn't.

Punishing Aquistion!

Sat Dec 23 2017 (42:41)

We finished Punisher! X-Men in the MCU!...Trey finally saw Thor

Ming Chen (AMC's Comic book men) and the Adultish crew talk about The Punisher, The Disney acquisition of 20th Century Fox, and a little bit of Thor!

The Gang shoots the breeze(pun intended) about the first five episodes The Punisher

Ming, David, and Brendan are back in the saddle reviewing the first five Episodes of Punisher and *spoilers* ITS GOOD

Ow...My Spine

Tre and Mike the Intern see Justice League in 4DX and it made them wet...with water...because 4DX. Ming however watched it from the safety of a normal god damned chair. Good for Ming. Listen to them talk all things Justice League here in their pilot episode.