The Brand Populist


Paris Has A Communications Problem

Sat Dec 08 2018 (04:46)

At its heart, climate change is and always will be a populist issue. Using the term to define, or even excuse senseless street violence gives it a bad name.

A Show That Discourages Awareness

Thu Nov 29 2018 (04:58)

You’d think the organizers of the North American International Auto Show would have brainstormed ways to make it easier for media to attend, but that's not the case; in fact, they've made it harder.

I find it crazy that we’d actually know less about company performance now than we did back in the old days of pencil scrawls on ledgersand stock valuations accomplished by hand gestures on noisy, crowded exchange floors, but so be it. Apple has a point.

#googlewalkout: Exception or Trend?

Fri Nov 02 2018 (04:29)

It would be truly radical if its employees stepped up to assume that responsibility; so less isolated gestures of justified indignation, and more proactive attention to the ways stuff gets done. Doing so would require that they extend the purview of their awareness beyond the issues that touch only them, and include the rest of us.

Sears Should Throw A Hail Mary

Thu Oct 25 2018 (03:53)

The cultural, economic, and even political trends all point to local experience as a counterpoint to the lonely and placeless world of Internet shopping. If Sears could commit to making good on being a truly local People's Store (i.e. the anti-Walmart), it might…just might…entice folks to join it. Not shop it. Not work for it.Join it.

I think product labeling is going to force substantial change not only in how things are sold, but how they’re made. And I’d characterize it as a populist phenomenon. I say that because there are at least three things going on at the same time...

Oil Companies Feel The Heat

Sat Sep 29 2018 (04:56)

Recently three big oil companies — ExxonMobil, Chevron, and Occidental — joined an industry group that encourages technologies that reduce greenhouse gases. This should be considered a victory for reality and for popular sentiment, if not evidence of visionary corporate leadership.

What's The Matter With Soup?

Fri Sep 14 2018 (04:31)

Campbell's Soup keeps trying to come up with changes to its flagship product instead of finding better reasons for people to consume it. History is on it's side, if only it would see its challenge in that context...

Nike's Kendall Jenner Moment?

Thu Sep 06 2018 (04:36)

Lots of people are either thrilled or angry at Nike for featuring Colin Kaepernick in ads celebrating 30 years of its “Just Do It” campaign. Most branding gurus are in a tizzy because the move boldly prompted such reactions, which is the point of marketing. I say it does a far better job of what Pepsi tried — and failed — to do with its horrible Kendall Jenner commercial last year.And that's the problem.

People were shocked when Elon Musk recently tweeted about taking Tesla private, and then they took in stride his mention of possibly using Saudi money.Yeah, Saudi, as in Saudi Arabia. You know, the folks who gave the world climate change, Islamic terrorism, and state-sanctioned oppression of women.Talk about strange bedfellows.

Brand Refresh vs. Brand Improvement

Tue Aug 07 2018 (04:14)

I recently flew on Lufthansa and noticed that my plane’s exterior wasn’t painted with its traditional I wondered "who actually asked for this change?"

Wells Fargo Commits Advertorial Abuse

Sun Jul 29 2018 (04:06)

Wells Fargo chose to run full-page newspaper ads that look like journalism, but fail to communicate anything worthwhile or memorable. Here's what it could have done...

What Is Brand Populism?

Sun Jul 22 2018 (05:52)

What is brand populism? JSB gives a 5-minute overview of this emergent business model that could change the way companies communicate with their stakeholders.