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Brian Jian and I take DMT

Ep. 5

Brian Jian is a stand up comedian and writer. Check out his graphic novel on Amazon - Broken Toys, "Extraordinary Machines."

Follow him on Instagram: @jianbrian and @bruceandbruceshow. Follow him on Twitter: @brianjian.

Brian and Caleb take DMT - 1:07:00.


Alex Fossella

Ep. 3

Alex Fossella is a comedian, writer, and podcaster. He has written for CBS, some Ecards, and the Modern Day Philosophers podcast. He also has his own podcast called Broadway Baby which was featured in Vulture magazine.

Supposed Time Reversal

Female orgasm make men feel more masculine


Robert Cangiano

Ep. 1

Robert Cangiano is a filmmaker, photographer, and a friend.