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Dan Buettner is a National Geographic fellow, in charge of leading expeditions - he’s essentially a real life Indiana Jones. Having him on my podcast meant we got to discuss all the incredible places he has been and how it has led to his work on Blue Zones, a term he’s coined to designate the healthiest places on earth. Through research and study, Dan and his team were able to identify the 9 commonalities between all the Blue Zones - and those 9 things might surprise you. Tune into this brand ne ...

This week I sit down with Miriam Horn of the Environmental Defense Fund and New York Times-best selling author. What fascinated me most about our conversation is how she challenged and brought into question our assumptions about how we can save the environment. We so often point to ranchers, farmers and fisherman, the people who cultivate and raise our food, as being the enemy. But Miriam showed me that in those places, we can find unlikely allies who could shape the future our world forever and ...

A conversation with the co-founder of Cafe Gratitude

My guest on today's episode of The Doctor'sFarmacyis a food icon. Not only is he the co-founder of the influential restaurant Cafe Gratitude, he's also an author, filmmaker, activist andworld leaderin the rebuilding our soils to restore human and planetary health. We sat down to discuss gratitude and gratefulness, his background in the food industry, and his nonprofit Kiss the Ground. I hope you'll tune in.Don't forget to leave a review and subscribe so you never miss an episode.For more great c ...

Hawk Newsome on Black Health Matters

Wed May 30 2018 (46:20)

More African Americans are killed by bad food than anything else

My guest this week is Hawk Newsome, an extraordinary man and activist at the forefront of the new civil rights movement and president of Black Lives Matter, New York. Millions of African Americans are killed every year by an invisible form of racism, a silent and insidious injustice. This is an often-internalized force of racism and oppression that disproportionately affects the poor and African American communities. The culprit? Our food and food systems. It’s voices like Hawk's that are shinin ...

The story this week on the podcast is as much about politics as it is about science.

In my conversation with Nina Teicholz, a leading science journalist, we explore saturated fats, modern nutrition policy, and flawed research on our way to some startling conclusions. Her bestselling book, The Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat, and Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet, actually inspired me to write my own book. It was a tremendous honor to have her on the show. Join us for an hour long conversation about things that matter.Don't forget to leave a review and subscribe so you never mis ...

How food giants keep us sick, fat and coming back for more

It's an honor and pleasure to have Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and New York Times best selling author Michael Moss as my first guest. His book, Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us, changed my trajectory of my own work. It woke me up to the shady practices of the food industry.In this episode, we talk about the dangers of the meat industry, how food corporations design food to be more addictive, and so much more.Don't forget to leave a review and subscribe so you never miss an epi ...

Welcome to The Doctor's Farmacy

Tue May 08 2018 (01:15)

A podcast about things that matter

This podcast is a place for deep conversations about the critical issues of our time in the space of health, wellness, food and politics.