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MasculiniTea is a new podcast that invites you to pop the kettle on, brew up a mug of your hot beverage of choice, and join us for a relaxed and open conversation about masculinity, men, and our relationships with them. ... More

Men's Work & Vulnerability : with James Bell & Devin Gleeson

Season 1, Ep. 5

"We have this culture that says there's something really wrong with feelings... Starting to feel, you can direct your anger, you can use your sadness to deeply connect with someone. Feelings are one of the greatest gifts we have as human beings, they are the house of intuition, and to not have access to them is to be limited in our humanity."

~ Devin Gleeson.

In this episode I'm talking to two men who live and breathe something called 'men's work'. I know both of these men through different communities that practice Zegg Forum, a community vulnerability ritual, and our conversation covers a lot of ground on men's work with emotions, vulnerability, and the incredible impact this has on men's relationships to themselves, and the others in their lives.

James Bell helps people get unstuck in their lives using a combination of coaching, deep breathing and bodywork. He has also been involved in mens' work as a member of the Samurai Brotherhood for the last 2 years. You can find out more about him here

Devin Gleeson is a personal growth and purpose coach who helps clients discover and pursue the work and lives closest to their hearts. During the last several years, he’s immersed himself in desire coaching, orgasmic meditation, sacred sexuality, communal living, and feelings work – all of which he brings to bear in his 1:1 coaching. He also co-hosts an online sexuality group for men wishing to release sexual shame and come into deeper contact with their own authentic desires. Learn more about Devin at

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Consent & Accountability ~ A Conversation with Kim Dee, Victor Salmon & Justin Roll

"Being in a situation where someone is telling you, okay you have to sit down and learn about this and you are forced into this conversation — they're not consenting to being in the room to talk about consent, and there's a problem there. If we want to move forward as a society, everyone needs to learn about this, but doing this in a way where we are forcing people into it?... There's a lot of animosity among a lot of young men... they see it as an attack on them. They see the conversations around consent and trying to be a better person as that there is something wrong with them."

~ Justin Roll

In this episode we're talking about Consent: what is it as a concept, what is it in practice? What's the difference between seeking permission and finding a space of mutual agreement? And how do we engage with accountability when we learn that we've done harm to others?

Joining me are three experts on Consent Advocacy and Education.

Kim Dee is a passionate educator with over 18 years of teaching, facilitation, and outreach training and experience. She holds a PhD in evolution and behaviour, is a co-lead of the GVIAS Conduct Committee, and co-founder of the Vancouver-based Consent Crew.

Justin Roll is a consent advocate and youth and children's program organizer living in Vancouver. In addition to volunteering with The Consent Crew, Justin previously facilitated workshops in both high schools and elementary schools across the lower mainland, talking with young men about masculinity and consent. 

Victor Salmon is an intersectional mixed-race feminist. Queer relationship anarchist. Educator. Consultant. Volunteer.  Mediator. MVK director at large and Accountability Subcommittee member. Restorative justice and accountability bloggerVancouver Consent Crew Facilitator. Podcast host for Intimate Interactions.   

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The Beast Within ~ a conversation with Mehdi Darvish and Cosmo Meens

Season 1, Ep. 2

This week I'm joined by Mehdi and Cosmo, two of the wise beings behind The Apollo Project.

Mehdi is a trauma-focussed bodyworker and Somatic Sex Educator with two decades of experience as a psychotherapist specializing in trauma and attachment.

Cosmo is a Sex Educator and Chef- two skills which he has been known to combine! He is often found working with his wife, Caitlin, also a well established and respected sex educator. Together they launched a booking app to help connect sex education professionals with clients, Happy Touch.

Together, the three of them have birthed a new kind of men's retreat, The Apollo Project, launching in April 2019.

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The Man Code ~ a conversation with Chris Dierkes

Season 1, Ep. 1

To launch the show, I sat down with my friend Chris Dierkes. A former monk and later Anglican priest, Chris is a husband, father, and spiritual coach, and was the co-founder of Beams and Struts. We talked about Chris' experience growing up within the white-christian-western-male trope of maleness, the archetypes and role models for masculinity, and the "rewilding of the masculine". We talked about He-Man, Star Wars, Trump, and the damage of the culture where men know they are judged by criteria external to themselves, whether or not they signed up for that.

"All men are real, there's no un-real men... Masculinity is so often defined by an external prototype rather than letting men decide for themselves what that means for them."

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