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In this episode, we talk with game farmer and professional hunter Eardley Rudman about the state of game farming in South Africa, why hunting makes economic sense for conservation and the problems with animal rights activists influencing policies on the international trade of trophies.

In this episode, we talk to YouTuber Conscious Caracal. We discuss the state of a South Africa media, why the DA desperately needs a course-correction and what lies ahead in the upcoming election.Remember to subscribe and give us a 5-star rating.

Nicholas Woode-Smith and Nicholas Babaya discuss a range of current affairs, politics and economics in the first episode of Diagonal Views, a current affairs segment of the Rational Standard Podcast

In this episode we talk with Democratic Alliance Member of Parliament Michael Cardo. We talk about liberalism and why it's still at the core the DA's ideology - even if there is a wide range of interpretations of that liberalism - as well as the land issue in South Africa and where the DA stands.

On this episode, we talk with Christopher Wilson, a former journalist at The Rebel Media. We talk about the political situation in Canada, what the prospects are for the next election for the Conservative Party and Liberals as well discussing a few issues regarding South Africa.

In this episode, we talk to Marius Roodt. Marius works at the Institute of Race Relations. He is probably best known as being the author the infamous "Shelley Garland" article publish by HuffPostSA. On the show, he gives us an inside view of why he did it and what went down.

In this episode, we travel to the offices of the Free Market Foundation in Johannesburg and talk to Martin van Staden about South Africa's latest bill in Parliament. We discuss the bill and it's effects and go on to speak about the problems of South Africa's regulatory environment and governmental discretionary powers.Martin van Staden is the Legal Researcher at the Free Market Foundation and the Academic Programs Director of Students For Liberty in Southern Africa. Martin is chief editor of two ...

In this episode, we talk with economist Dawie Roodt about South Africa's tax code, why it was necessary to increase VAT to 15%, why flat taxes are far superior to progressive taxes as well as some discussion on job creation and banking.

South African News Analysis

Christiaan van Huyssteen and Nicholas Babaya discuss a range of current affairs, politics and economics in the first episode of Diagonal Views, a current affairs segment of the Rational Standard Podcast

Nick chats with cartoonist Jeremy Nell, better known as Jerm. Jerm talks about how he got into drawing cartoons, his relationship with the mostly left-leaning cartoonist community of South Africa as well as his experiences working for various media outlets, both mainstream and alternative.

In this episode, we chat with South African Member of Parliament Zak Mbhele on libertarianism, the Democratic Alliance and why libertarians should feel at home voting for the DA.

Joost Strydom: Why Live in Orania?

Sun Apr 29 2018 (36:44)

In this episode, we talk with Orania resident Joost Strydom and discuss what life is like living in Orania, how the town functions as well as dispelling a few a few rumours about Orania put forward by a prejudicial press.

Martin van Staden discusses his libertarian stance on the Democratic Alliance (DA) alongside podcast host, Nicholas Babaya, in episode 3 of the Rational Standard Podcast.

In this episode, we speak with Deena Katzen from the South African Union of Jewish Students about the validity of calling Israel and ‘apartheid state’ as well as a few other issues relating to the State of Israel.

In this first episode, we talk with guest Ron Weissenberg, a Grahamstown-based business owner, libertarian, and all-round do-gooder. We iron out the kinks of running a free podcast without funding while discussing Ron's amazing initiative to prove that the government isn't needed to maintain the basic infrastructure such a roads and electricity as well as explaining how you at home could do this in your own town.