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The Relationship Help Show with Dr Rhoberta Shaler, The Relationship Help DoctorHOW TO LIVE WITH FEW REGRETS AND MOVE TOWARDS SUCCESSHighlights: Dr. Shaler talks about "Are You Mistaking Activity for Progress?"Guest: Scott Kimbro, Author of SubmUrgency: How To Live & Die Without Regrets Dr. Shaler offers her own tricks on how to stop wasting time on regrets __________________________________________________________________________________________Moving towards success is never a straightforward ...

Relationship Help ShowwithDrRhobertaShaler, The Relationship Help DoctorDr. Shaler opens the show with thoughts on things you might believe about yourself if you were raised by a Hijackal®​Guest, Johanna Lynn, Clinical HypnotherapistAll that happened to you in life affects everything that is currently happening in your life. If you are not getting the results in life and relationships that you want, then, you want to listen to this episode for sure.Dr. Shaler talks about a common issue: hoping s ...

Start with yourself. Be Empowered.

The Relationship Help Show with Dr. Rhoberta Shaler, The Relationship Help Doctor HOW TO MANAGE UNCERTAINTY, AMBIGUITY & CHAOS IN RELATIONSHIPS Toxic people thrive on--and, therefore create--uncertainty, ambiguity and chaos. That's how they gain power and control over people, conversations, and circumstances. Today's show will help you see where and how you are being controlled by uncertainty...even when you don't think it's possible.Dr. Rhoberta Shaler gives you strategies for safely saying wha ...

Is That Passive-Aggressive?

Wed Mar 14 2018 (01:00:04)

Men, Relationships & Having It All

Is the behavior you're upset about passive-aggressive? Dr. Shaler gives you tips.Guest: Dr. Ganz Ferrance talks about men and his book, The ME Factor: Your Systematic Guide to Getting What the Hell You Want.#1 Introduction to Episode 35#2 What is Passive-Aggressive Behavior?Dr. RhobertaShalerhelps you recognize passive-aggressive traits. Her book,Stop! That's Crazy-Making! How To Quit Playing the Passive-Aggressive Game,is also a big help for you to know how to respond in healthier and more effe ...

Let's talk about building trust.

Why does it seem that the Hijackal® has become an amazing, wonderful person with the new love of their life. Is it real? Of course not, and today's show will help you to see what's really going on. You need to know.Guest: Bree Bonchay, LCSW, psychotherapistBree Bonchay is licensed psychotherapist with almost two decades of experience working in the field of mental health and trauma recovery. She specializes in helping people recover from toxic relationships, and shares her insights about Narciss ...

How Can I Trust? Recovering from Relationship Trauma & BetrayalGuest: Michael Wayne Regier, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist/Marriage TherapistDr. Michael Wayne Regier received his PhD from the California School of Professional psychology. Early in his career he was on the faculty in the department of psychiatry at the Johns Hopkins School of medicine. He did a post doctoral internship in couples group psychotherapy with Dr. Judy Coche in Philadelphia.He is currently the founder and Director of The ...

Learning to Say NO! to Toxic People

Wed Feb 21 2018 (01:07:34)

... Requires Saying YES! to Yourself

New insights on how to find love and support within yourself, to commit to creating and maintaining your healthy, safe life with other humans.Do You Want to Feel Showered with Appreciation?Guest: Laura RubinsteinLaura Rubinstein is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Master Leadership Coach, Bestselling Author, and award winning Social Media and Marketing Strategist. She is the creator the Savvy Social Media Success course, and founder of Social Buzz Club. During the past 20+ years, Laura has optimized ...

Valentine's Day Show: It All Starts With Loving Yourself. Dr. Rhoberta Shaler gives you insights, wisdom, and great tips for jumpstarting self-confidence.It Happened To Me - True Stories: Wendy Newman - Dating a Wealthy Man and Oops!Do you really need a new love story? It starts with you.What You Really Need to Have a Great RelationshipTune In and Turn Up Your Self-Confidence,

CHANGES: Is It Time to Change?

Wed Feb 07 2018 (01:04:54)

Change Yourself? Your Approach? Your Relationships?

CHANGES:Do You Need to Change To Have the Life & Relationship You Want? What Needs to Change?Guest: Filippo Voltaggio, Life Coach / Author / Radio HostFilippo's work as a Life Coach, Speaker, Author, Workshop Creator and Leader, and as Host of The LIFE CHANGES Show, revolves around change, and the wholeness and expansion of The Self.From early childhood Filippo Voltaggio never believed in pigeonholing himself into any one thing. When asked, “what he wanted to be when he grew up,” he would procla ...

BULLYING: At Home, at work, at School.

Wed Jan 31 2018 (01:07:46)

What to do to make it stop.

BULLYING. It could be happening to you, at home or at work. It could be happening to your child. Timely, practical insights into how to make it stop. Guest: Dr. Nekeshia Hammond talks with Dr. Shaler about how you can help your children deal with bullying, ADHD, and school issues. Learn how to respond well and speak up effectively.Dr. Nekeshia Hammond was raised in Orlando, Florida and now resides in the Tampa Bay area with her spouse and 5-year-old son. When not working, she greatly enjoys spen ...

Call It What It Is: Abuse!

Wed Jan 24 2018 (01:01:56)

Verbal, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual, Sexual, Mental - they all count, and they all matter

In a timely response to the court statements of Aly Raisman of US Gymnastics Team to her accused abuser, Dr. Larry Nassar, guests Liberty Forrest and Christine Baumgartner discuss how to recognize all kinds of abuse...and call it what it is!

... and Why That Matters

Guest: Gary SalyerMore about Dr. Gary SalyerDr. Gary Salyer speaks to audiences across the country as a featured expert, inspirational speaker on how to create the love we all deserve. He is an expert in Attachment Theory, the science of relationships, Bert Hellinger's Family Systems approach and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). As a master transformational relationship coach, Dr. Gary helps people re-write the rules for love in their brains. Dr. Salyer is the creator of the Safe to Love A ...

Learning to love & trust yourself is a huge gift.

Guest: Liberty ForrestWhat It Takes To Trust Your Gut and IntuitionMore about Liberty ForrestLiberty Forrest is an award-winning author, a columnist and Huffington Post contributor. She's written articles for numerous publications in several countries and has written several books. Previously, she specialised in non-fiction inspirational self-help books but she now focuses on family saga fiction with a paranormal element. Liberty's professional background is in social work and counselling, later ...

Figuring it out at Home and Work

Guest: Charmaine Hammond More about Charmaine HammondCharmaine Hammond, CSP, expert in communication, collaboration & conflict resolution has facilitated the resolution of some of the most complex workplace and family conflicts. She is a professional speaker, author and is passionate about building more kindness in workplaces, and communities. She now works with businesses and entrepreneurs to help them build relationships and successful collaborations.

Stop the Toxic Dance

Tue Dec 26 2017 (58:17)

Spotting the Hijackals early is key.

Seg. 1: How to Spot a Hijackal & Stop the Toxic DanceSeg. 2: Love-Bombing: It's Not as Desirable As It SoundsSeg 3: 12 Signs Your Are in a Love/Hate Relationship That Needs HelpSeg 4: Recognize Verbal Abuse For What It Is NowSeg 5: Q & A: My mother is always finding fault and I can't stand it another minute. "

Hijackals & Spirituality

Tue Dec 19 2017 (55:28)

Hijackals Have a Love/Hate Relationship with Church and Spirituality

"Guest, Dr. Dennis Merritt-JonesIntro - Hijackals, Power, and SpiritualityUnconditional Love Can Be a Very Dangerous Myth with a Hijackal in Your LifeGUEST:Dr. Dennis Merritt-Jones - Part 1 Becoming Who You Were Born to BeDr. Dennis Merritt-Jones - Part 2 Spirituality is Not About Having Power Over PeopleDr. Rhoberta Shaler - Spirituality, Hijackals, and You. What To Do.About Dennis Merritt-JonesThroughout his lifetime, Dennis Merritt Jones has been on a quest to inspire and lift people to a hig ...

Relationship Predators

Wed Dec 13 2017 (56:29)

They are ready to pounce and if you don't know what to look for, you may be next.

Have You Become the Unwitting Prey of a HIjackal® Predator?SEG 2 - Jan: I Knew Better But I Married Him AnywaySEG 3 - Hijackals are Predators - Pt 1. Dr. Rhoberta ShalerSEG 4 - Hijackals are Predators - Pt 2 Dr. Rhoberta ShalerSEG 5 - Dating Red Flags That Mean Long-Term Relationship Trouble

Co-Parenting and Keeping Your Sanity

Wed Dec 06 2017 (57:57)

Hijackals, Kids, Divorce and avoiding Destruction

Guest, Karen CovyDivorcing A Hijackal® When Children Are InvolvedKaren Covy, divorce adviser, attorney, coach. Effective Co-Parenting with A Difficult Ex - Part 1Karen Covy: Effective Divorce Agreements for Co-Parenting, Part 2What You Need To Do For Your Kids When Co-Parenting With A Hijackal® ExMore about Karen CovyI help people get through their divorce with dignity and confidence so that, when their divorce ends, they are ready to begin again, and create a life that they love. I am a divorce ...

How to See Red Flags

Tue Nov 28 2017 (58:13)

...and Avoid Wasting Time, Energy, and Emotional Well-being

Guest, Lorna PooleGoing from Dating Disaster to Finding Long-Time LoveHow's Your Dating Radar? Dr. Rhoberta Shaler helps you see why you may be missing red flagsGuest, Dating Coach Lorna Poole, talks candidly how dating disasters woke her up to what she really wanted and how she found long-time love and what it took to get it.More about Lorna PooleShe is the Founder & CEO of Lorna Poole, Magnet For Love Coaching. After her own love disaster; she decided it was time to get it right. She realized ...

Hijackals at Work

Wed Nov 22 2017 (50:47)

What To Do About Difficult People You Can't Get Away From at Work

Workplace bullying is a top cause of stress, and a leading cause of quitting. It creates a hostile and toxic environment, often because the bullies are allowed to get away with their behavior. In this episode we discuss how to effectively deal with these types of people in your workplace, so you can get on with enjoying your job, and lowering your stress levels.Intro: Difficult People at workHow to Deal with Difficult People at WorkJudy Hoberman Pt 1 - First impressions: Important, Accurate or N ...

Hooked on Hope & Hijackals

Tue Nov 14 2017 (54:00)

The Cycle that will wear you down - and how to stop it.

Seg 1 - Intro - Hooked on Hope & HijackalsSeg 2 - Verbal Abuse is Too CommonSeg 3 - Shirlene Reeves Part 1 - How Hijackals Changed My LifeSeg 4 - Shirlene Reeves Part 2 - How I left. What I learned. Being Hijackal-free.Seg 5 - Too much dramaMore about Shirlene ReevesShirlene Reeves, one of only 253 Certified Financial Educators in the US, a web TV show host and a syndicated radio host on BBS Radio, publisher of Wealthy Woman Magazine and the author of Selling Through Your Heart - Empowering You ...

Signs of Abuse

Tue Nov 07 2017 (57:16)

Things you should know; and when it's time to leave (or not)

How do you know if you're actually experiencing verbal abuse? What can you do to stop it? How best to respond?GUEST: Dr. Lee Baucom, creator of the Save The Marriage System. We'll discuss when and what marriages can be saved, and how to know when it's time to part ways.More about Dr. Lee Baucom:Dr. Lee Baucom is the creator of the internet marriage program, Save The Marriage. Dr. Baucom has over a quarter of a century of experience helping couples and individuals learn to thrive. Dr. Baucom is t ...

Difficult or Dangerous?

Wed Nov 01 2017 (54:14)

There's a big difference, and you need to know how to keep yourself safe.

A new season begins! New format, new guests! Seg 1 - 6 minutes Intro to EpisodeSeg 2 - Q & A Filed for DivorceSeg 3 - What's up? Power in Positions - Harvey WeinsteinSeg 4 - Is Your Relationship Difficult or Dangerous?Seg 5 - Have You Given Up Your Boundaries?

Trauma-Bonding. What and How.

Wed Oct 25 2017 (55:06)

The Cycle of Violence in Relationships

Are you so attached to someone that you are "hooked on hope" that one day they will treat you better? Today, we talk about trauma-bonding and why you need to know about it.Guest, Dr. Gary Salyer, talks about the six rights you have in life, and how having or not having them will make all the difference in creating healthy relationships. Dr. Salyer is the author of Safe to Love Again, a book you absolutely need if you've ever been deeply hurt by a relationship.More about Dr. Gary SalyerDr. Gary S ...

Are You Emotionally Safe?

Wed Oct 18 2017 (54:57)

How to Recognize & Create Emotional Safety in Your Relationship

Are you emotionally safe in your relationships? You may not have been, even with your parents. In this episode, Dr. Shaler talks about how to recognize and create emotional safety. Guest, Antia Boyd, of MagnetizeTheMan.com emphasizes that the ability--and safety--to be vulnerable in your primary relationship is paramount. Don't miss this.More about Antia BoydAntia Boyd struggled for years with fear, wasting time and attracting emotionally unavailable men before she finally broke through, hired a ...

Building Self Confidence

Wed Oct 11 2017 (56:07)

Secrets to Stepping Up and Speaking Up

Would you like to feel more self-confident? Able to speak up and show up as strong and empowered? Today's show is all about the how-to's for that. Guest, Betsy Chasse, embodies an empowered life. An award-winning filmmaker, author, and entrepreneur, Betsy openly shares the ups and downs she's experienced and how she boldly treads forward...confidently.More about Betsy ChasseBetsy is an award winning filmmaker (What The Bleep Do We Know?!, Song of The New Earth, Pregnant In America) and a Best-Se ...

Perils of the People Pleaser

Wed Oct 04 2017 (56:54)

Recalibrating Your Relationships

Do you notice that you feel somehow obligated to meet the needs of other people? Why is that? In this episode, we talk about that, and my guest, Filippo Voltaggio, talks about why some people find it so difficult to say "No." Recognizing that, as an adult, you can choose to change your mindsets and patterns, he talks about his work, The Recalibration.More about Filippo VoltaggioFilippo's work as a Life Coach, Speaker, Author, Workshop Creator and Leader, and as Host of The LIFE CHANGES Show, rev ...

Is OK Great Enough?

Wed Sep 27 2017 (55:11)

Unleashing (or not) Greatness. What's enough?

Do you feel good about yourself? Are you OK with where you are in life? Or, have you been caught up in the endless push to be more, do more, have more? Where did you learn this? Guest, Jonathan Mitchell, talks about unleashing greatness within yourself. Is it a must, a push, a realistic expectation? Or, is it hype? Listen in.More about Jonathan MitchellJonathan is a certified life, success, and emotional health mentor. He is also an award winning songwriter, singer, and producer with his songs ...

Compassionate Communication

Wed Sep 20 2017 (55:25)

Maintaining your sense of self while living compassionately takes practice and attention.

Were you ever told to "be nice" or to "play nicely?"Any chance that turned into negating what you wanted in order to make other people happy?This show focuses on what you may be losing in life if you're still following that early "Be nice!" admonition.Guest, Laura Jack, author of The Compassion Code, joins in to discuss the distinctions between being compassionate and living up to the expectations of others. Big difference!Laura Jack teaches compassionate communication and how we can relate to o ...

Intimacy is important

Wed Sep 13 2017 (55:55)

Sex, Relationships & Trauma - when they collide

To keep yourself safe in any relationship it is SO important to know yourself, your values, needs, and wants, so well that you can set and maintain strong boundaries. That means you have to be assertive. Today, we talked about what it means to have and manage sexual boundaries with guest, Dr. Lori Beth Bisbey, from London, UK. A sex and intimacy coach, Dr. Lori had some very interesting insights on how to get across what's all right with you and to be clear about what's not!More about Dr. Bisbey ...

Focus in Relationships

Wed Sep 06 2017 (54:41)

Why does it matter, and how do you do it?

Dr. Rhoberta Shaler, host of The Relationship Help Show, wrote a book, What You Pay Attention To Expands. She helps you to look at your thought habits, and how they help or hinder. Guest, Laura Rubinstein, a hypnotherapist and Social Media Maven, provides insights into why it matters so much where you are placing your energy, time, and focus and about what you might be doing that you don't know you're doing and how it's secretly getting in your way.More about Laura RubinsteinLaura Rubinstein is ...

And letting them get to adulthood.

Did you have a trying time raising teens? Maybe, you're doing it right now. Teen's brains are still developing, and we often don't understand what that means. Dr. Rhoberta Shaler helps you know what it means for teens to "have no remote."Guest, Donovan Dreyer, creator of the Solving Our Stress tool, shows why we need different approaches to talking with teens, and how to help them articulate the stresses they are under.More about Donovan DreyerHigh School CounselorCoach of The Teen TeamFounder o ...

There are some undeniable signs.

Abuse is a strong word. Too many people don't want to recognize that that is what is going on in their relationships. Dr. Rhoberta Shaler shares ways you can know if what's really going on in your relationship is abusive. Guest, Susan Ball, author of Courage & Grace, helps women heal from divorce and toxic relationships. A very candid discussion of what it feels like to be in an emotionally abusive relationship, and what it takes to get out of one.More about Susan BallSusan Ball is the founder & ...

How Hijackals evade your radar...

Wed Aug 09 2017 (55:52)

or... Why Your Radar Might Not Pick Them Up

You can be unwittingly attracted to a person who will repeatedly hurt you. Dr. Rhoberta Shaler calls these folks "Hijackals™." They are relentlessly difficult people who are their worst at home or in their romantic relationships. Hijackals are attracted by people who accept their self-focused behaviors, and even take the blame for them. This is cycle of destruction that needs to stop. Listen in as my guest, Michelle Ann Owens, opens up about her relationship with a Hijackal, and we candidly disc ...

Settling? or Finding Ideal Partner?

Wed Aug 02 2017 (55:58)

Settling is for Buildings; and Why Your Ideal Partner May be Eluding You,

No one wants to "settle" in a relationship. Dr. Rhoberta Shaler talks about dating expectations and the consequences of having too few or too many. Guest, Lori Peters, creator of the Happiness Hangout show, shares her story of looking for Mr. Right and what happened that took so long to find him. Lori got married just shortly before the show. It all worked out. Listen in.More about Lori PetersLori Peters is a writer who has been published and featured in several media outlets including Huffingto ...

Divorcing a Difficult Person

Wed Jul 26 2017 (55:38)

Advice To Help You Keep Your Sanity...and the other stuff you want

Divorcing is never easy, even when it's not hard. But when you're divorcing a Hijackal®, it can feel particularly crazy-making. This episode will help those thinking about or facing divorce, so that they can get through their divorce with less destruction.Guest, Dr. Karen Covy, an experienced divorce coach, and Dr. Rhoberta Shaler talk about everything from co-parenting to dating in your post-divorce world.More about Karen CovyI help people get through their divorce with dignity and confidence s ...

When Bad Things Happen To Good Children

So many people have had difficulties in their childhood, and resulting from their childhoods. Adverse Childhood Experiences, ACEs, is a thing. It's real. It's today topic.You may not realize how much of an impact your early life has had on your every thought about yourself, others, relationships, rights, and expectations if you have had ACEs. Here's a definition from the Minnesota Department of Health:"An adverse childhood experience (ACE) describes a traumatic experience in a person's life occu ...

Guest: Dr. Karen Finn, divorce coach

The first show! The Relationship Help Show: Move from Pain to Power is here to help you recognize and remedy relationships within yourself, and with the people in your life...especially with the relentlessly difficult people Dr. Shaler calls Hijackals®.In this episode, the conversation is about divorce. Yes, for some people, it comes to that: divorce. And, it's a very big decision, especially if you don't clearly see and understand the traits, patterns and cycles of the difficult, toxic people, ...