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Vision Casting for 2020 - 3 Basic Questions to Ask Yourself

Ep. 22

Today’s episode is the PERFECT cap for both 2019 and the kick off for 2020--Vision casting a plan for your health, self care and fitness.

Vision casting is so much more than just making a pretty poster--it involves capturing your dreams and ideas in your vision and plotting them out so you can make them happen! Involved in what we decide to do for ourselves--we must not just be clear on what we want, but to identify what the thoughts we are having mean. This is what vision casting is all about.  According to the law of attraction--we get what we focus on--positive and negative. Focusing on our fears only guarantees that is what will show up in our lives MORE.

Tune in and listen to two retreat clients--Trudy Lynne Leopard and Tammy Eckley--as we discuss the process of how you can get your vision into a workable form for your fitness and self care for 2020!  You don’t want to miss this!



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Self-Care and Roles in Your Life: A Personal Journey

Ep. 20

In this week’s episode, I have the opportunity to interview a client and colleague someone who has become a friend of mine --Charli Brown.

Charli is a RN with a boat load of experience in oncology and caregiving and is about to complete her Masters in Nursing. In our candid conversation, we discuss the ‘role confusion’ with caregiving and in a service oriented profession and how it is easy to think looking after ourselves is not possible. When so much is asked of us every day, we cannot only let our own self care fall low on the priority list--we can literally say there is just ‘no time’ for it.

The role of caring for others can be draining--and ironically we can be good at looking after others, but not ourselves. Charli will share with you some light bulb moments in her own personal self care journey as well as mindset shifts she has used to make her own self care more important in her life. Often we can KNOW what we need to do but it helps us to hear what works for others so we know we are not alone. Charli also co-hosts her own podcast--The For Real Life--and we’ll talk about that too!

Tune in and listen and get some golden nuggets for yourself!



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Ditching the MAKE UP FOR Mindset

Ep. 18

This episode begins December with a look at one of the most common mindsets around this time of year--the need to ‘make up’ for what we DON’T DO.

We can struggle with consistency and thinking we are ALL of that enough with the increased demands and struggles of the holidays. We find that we believe we need to do ALL the things and BE all the things--which often leaves our own self care low on the priority list. After the thanksgiving holiday and prior to the Christmas holiday we can feel like a ping pong ball bouncing between commitments and schedules so we can take on the mindset of ‘making up’ for what we DON’T do as a result. Listen in on this episode for a look at the thoughts behind the ‘Make up’ mindset and learn some simple tips to ditch it for good!

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