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Miles Morales - Episode 22

Mon Dec 10 2018 (25:52)

Susan and Kitty have crossed the Spider-Verse to discuss one of the ultimate modern additions to the Marvel Universe. While he shares the mantle of Spider-Man, this character has forged his own path to becoming an Avenger, a Champion, and overall, a hero-It's Miles Morales: Spider-Man Then & Now!

She-Ra - Episode 21

Mon Nov 26 2018 (29:34)

For the honor of Grayskull, Susan and Kitty are traveling to Etheria to discuss pop culture's most prominent princess of power.From 80's nostalgia to a brand new Netflix reboot, this sword-swinging warrior is an inspiration to fans fighting for justice- It's She-Ra Then & Now!

Sabrina the Teenage Witch - Episode 20

Mon Nov 12 2018 (27:15)

Susan and Kitty are summoning all their magic to discuss an absolutely bewitching Archie Comics character who has flown from the page to the screen, both in a beloved sitcom and a new, chilling Netflix series- It's Sabrina the Teenage Witch Then & Now!

Darth Maul - Episode 19

Mon Oct 29 2018 (24:12)

Susan and Kitty are channeling the Dark Side of the Force to discuss a Sith Lord whose brief on-screen appearance became a rise to infamy throughout the Star Wars films, comics and animation.From his cool look to his even cooler lightsaber- It's Darth Maul Then & Now!

New York Comic Con 2018 - Episode 18

Mon Oct 15 2018 (26:52)

Susan and Kitty are recovering from con crud brought on by the latest exciting pop culture convention- NYCC!In this special podcast episode, they'll talk all the latest news, reveals, and sights from around the Javits Center that debuted during the jam-packed weekend.It's New York Comic Con Then & Now!

Venom - Episode 17

Mon Oct 01 2018 (24:27)

Susan and Kitty are hosting a new episode all about the sinister symbiote that makes Spider-Man's life a nightmare!This venomous villain has spawned countless new criminals and amassed a huge fan following ahead of his big screen solo debut-It's Venom Then & Now!

Spider-Man - Episode 16

Mon Sep 17 2018 (28:09)

Susan and Kitty have untangled the web of one of the most amazing, spectacular, sensational Marvel heroes to ever swing across the page. With great podcasting comes great responsibility-It's Spider-Man Then & Now!

Darth Vader - Episode 15

Mon Sep 03 2018 (27:47)

Susan and Kitty are taking a turn to the Dark Side to discuss one of the most iconic villains in film history.Terrifying and totally quotable, this Lord of the Sith has menaced the Rebellion, and even become a tragic hero in his own right.It's Darth Vader Then & Now!

Harley Quinn - Episode 014

Tue Aug 21 2018 (25:00)

Susan and Kitty are clowning around today as they talk about the Maid of Mischief herself, the Joker’s best gal, as she paints the town red and black and white with her antics. From her animated origins to taking the big screen, it’s Harley Quinn Then & Now!

Han Solo - Episode 013

Tue Aug 07 2018 (24:00)

Susan and Kitty are piloting this discussion to a galaxy far, far away to talk about one of the greatest rogue rebels in the Star Wars saga. From making the Kessel run to destroying the Death Star, never tell him the odds- It’s Han Solo Then & Now!

Rogue - Episode 012

Tue Jul 24 2018 (25:00)

Susan and Kitty are touching on the topic of one of Marvel’s mightiest mutants with Southern charm and the power to drain others of their abilities. Get ready to absorb this new episode- it’s Rogue Then & Now!

The Wasp - Episode 011

Tue Jul 10 2018 (25:00)

Have you heard the latest buzz? Susan and Kitty are talking about one of the smallest Avengers with the biggest impact on this legendary team. Let’s spread our wings- it’s The Wasp Then & Now! (Ant-Man and the Wasp Spoiler Free!)

Daredevil and Elektra - Episode 010

Tue Jun 26 2018 (25:00)

Susan and Kitty are teaming up to talk about a Hell's Kitchen couple who bring the heat and fight The Hand- when they're not fighting each other! It's Daredevil and Elektra Then & Now.

Green Arrow - Episode 009

Tue Jun 12 2018 (25:00)

Susan and Kitty are taking aim at DC’s emerald archer, as he has evolved from the battling bowman of comics to the lead of the CW’s Arrowverse. Stay on target- it’s Green Arrow Then & Now!

The Defenders - Episode 008

Tue May 29 2018 (25:00)

Susan and Kitty are tackling one of Marvel’s most loosely organized superhero groups, a “non-team” with no official membership. From cosmic adventures to the street-level threats- it’s the Defenders, Then & Now!

MCU Iron Man - Episode 007

Mon May 14 2018 (25:00)

Susan and Kitty are suiting up to talk about the hero whose movie launched a Marvel Universe revolution. After 10 years of making cinematic superhero milestones- it’s MCU Iron Man Then & Now!

Princess Leia - Episode 006

Mon Apr 30 2018 (25:00)

Susan and Kitty are joining the rebellion and talking about the story of the galaxy’s favorite self-rescuing princess. From sparking the Rebellion to leading the Resistance- it’s Princess Leia Then & Now!

Magneto - Episode 005

Mon Apr 16 2018 (27:00)

Susan and Kitty share their mastery of magnetism with a look at a major Marvel villain and how he’s evolved over the years. He’s mutant and proud- this is Magneto Then & Now!

The Infinity Stones - Episode 004

Mon Apr 02 2018 (29:00)

Susan and Kitty are traversing Time and Space, back to the origins of Reality to the catalyst of Avengers: Infinity War. Prepare your Soul and open your Mind as you witness the Power of the Infinity Stones Then & Now!

Superman - Episode 003

Mon Mar 19 2018 (16:00)

Look, in the sky! It’s Susan and Kitty discussing the incredible legacy of the Man of Steel himself, from Action Comics #1 to #1000. It’s Superman Then & Now!

Jessica Jones - Episode 002

Mon Mar 05 2018 (30:00)

Susan and Kitty discuss Marvel’s Jessica Jones, from her origins in Alias to a new season on Netflix! She’s hard-hitting and hard drinking- it’s Jessica Jones Then & Now!

Black Panther - Episode 001

Tue Feb 20 2018 (28:00)

Susan and Kitty discuss the character of Black Panther, from the classic Jack Kirby era to new comics being published this month! From a bold beginning to a big-time blockbuster, it’s Black Panther Then & Now!