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Hello and welcome to The Zine Collector Podcast! In this episode, I chat about my seven tips for finding inspiration, answer the question ‘are you up for trades’, and talk a bit about one of my favourite podcasts.I had a heap of trouble with audio syncing, so if anything is off, I apologise. **Links Mentioned This Episode:* @Latible: *The Artist’s Way: *SeaLemon: *Zines Playlist: https:// ...

5 Tips for Zine Beginners

Wed Mar 21 2018 (32:53)

Welcome to another episode of The Zine Collector! This time I share my five tips for zine beginners as well as answer the zine reviewing question: “What if you don’t like a zine?”**Links Mentioned This Episode:*Jenna/Julien Podcast ‘JennaCast’:*Etsy:*TicTail:*Storenvy:*BigCartel:*Zines A Go Go: http ...

**This episode contains some adult language.**In this episode of The Zine Collector, I chat with Sober Bob Monthly about zine pricing, risographing, zine culture, zine fairs, and so much more.Please forgive some of the hiccups and technical difficulties.**Links Mentioned This Episode:*Sober Bob Monthly: Etsy shop coming soon!Other Links:*Visible Ink/Copy & Destroy Zine Library: *Woolf Pack: ...

The Zine Collector - Episode 004

In this episode of The Zine Collector, I talk about the complicated matters surrounding consent and copyright when writing about other people in your perzines. **Links Mentioned This Episode:*Mini-Zine March: *Long Arm Stapler Podcast: *Fanzines by Teal Triggs and Why You Should Not Buy It:*Fanzines s ...

2018: Year of the Perzine - Part One

Wed Feb 07 2018 (44:14)

The Zine Collector - Episode 003

In this episode of The Zine Collector, I talk about perzines – what they are and why they are important.**Links Mentioned This Episode:*@byDhiyanah:*@bodieh:*Feral Publications:*Alex Wrekk:*Zines A Go Go:*Why One Community Chooses Not to Tell Their Stories On The Internet:*Nichole aka C ...

All You Need is Zine Love

Wed Jan 24 2018 (30:03)

The Zine Collector - Episode 002

In this episode of The Zine Collector, I talk about defining zines and how people often make zines before hearing the word ‘zine’.**Links Mentioned This Episode:*Stolen Sharpie Revolution:*Meta Zine:*@latibule:*@byDhiyanah:*Meta Paradox 1 by Olivia:*Pr ...

Say Hello to My Little Podcast

Wed Jan 17 2018 (27:26)

The Zine Collector - Episode 001

CORRECTIONS:*It’s a podcast about zines – not a zine about podcasts*It’s called Nobody Cares About Your Stupid Zine podcast**In this episode of The Zine Collector, I introduce myself, talk a bit about what podcasts and zines have and common, and spend more than a few minutes thanking you all for your support.**Links Mentioned This Episode:*Long Arm Stapler Podcast:*Poor Lass Zine Podcast:*Nobody Cares About Your Stupid Zine P ...

The Zine Collector Series Announcment

Tue Jan 09 2018 (00:36)

Saying Hello

A short hello from yours truly.