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Jane Doe Rainbow Falls, Colorado

On June 15th, 1993 a young woman's body was found in a campground just northwest of Colorado Springs, Colorado. She was found half naked, only wearing a Harley Davidson T-shirt, and some jewellery. She had no other belongings or identification on or near her body.

Investigators determined she had a head injury, which mostly likely was her cause of death.

The case has been one of the most frustrating of all cold cases in Colorado. Investigators have re-opened the case numerous times throughout the years in an effort to keep the case alive and in hope of bringing justice for the victim and closure for a family.

In 2012 the coroner's office was directed to exhume her body, which lay in a pauper's field to extract new DNA in hopes of finding a database match. Her femur was extracted for isotope testing and sent to the Smithsonian Institute.

They determined that Jane Doe was most likely Canadian coming from the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Newfoundland, Labrador and possibly, but with lower determination - Eastern Quebec. They also believe she may have come from the state of Alaska.

Her DNA and finger prints had been sent to all US States in the past excluding Hawaii and Alaska. Now, investigators have sent both to Alaska and Canada in hopes of finding a match.

Two artists used clay to come up with a physical, three dimensional model of what Jane Doe may have looked like. These images, along with others will be made available on our Facebook Group. Even though these images went out locally to the public, no tips surfaced.

Locally, a new DNA extractor called an MVAC was used on the T Shirt to extract Jane Doe's DNA along with any possible murder suspect DNA. In addition, local law enforcement are presenting the case to the FBI to see if they can help in any manner.

Just before Jane Doe was discovered, there was a Vietnam Veteran's Motorcycle gathering just north of the area and investigators believe someone there may know more about Jane Doe, especially with her attire of a Harley Davidson T Shirt. However, many of the individuals from this group have ever spoken up, little alone come forward to even say they don't know anything.

Investigators also believe that an arrest of three individuals just prior to Jane Doe's murder may be connected. Officers arrested three young individuals, one of which somewhat matches Jane Doe's description, however, these individuals all gave false identification to law enforcement.

None of these individuals have come forward. Their images will also be made available on our Facebook page.

Jane Doe was about 17-25 years old at the time of her murder in 1993. She was 5' 3” to 5' 8” in height weighing between 130 to 160 pounds. Her hair was shoulder-length, light brown to blonde, and may have been dyed. She was found wearing a black short-sleeve “Harley Davidson” t-shirt with a picture of a motorcycle. She was also wearing a yellow metal pinky ring, a yellow metal necklace with a black crystal pendant, clear stone stud earrings and a necklace with wizard hands holding a round tiger-eye stone pendant. She had pierced ears and excellent teeth with no fillings. She had a well-healed horizontal surgical scar on her upper left abdomen, the result of her spleen having been surgically removed during her lifetime.

No trace of illegal drugs were found in her body, nor evidence of sexual assault by intercourse, however they have not ruled out the possibility of non-intercourse sexual assault or contact.

Investigators found characteristics that indicated she might have been very well cared for prior to her death. She was healthy with no sign of disease.

Investigators also hint that she may be a runaway from Louisiana, however, this information is very weak. Prior to the discovery of Jane Doe, a runaway teenager had been arrested saying she was from Louisiana. She gave a fake name, but her photo was taken. She ran away from the halfway house she was staying at and initially officer's believed it may have been her they found at Rainbow Falls as the photo and the reconstruction somewhat matched.

Investigators determined that Jane Doe had been deceased about 2-3 days prior to her body being discovered by a hiker. The makeshift campground was rural but it appears as if the perpetrator or perpetrators didn't care that her body was left out in the open and easily discoverable. Another possibility is that she was dumped at the site and the crimes happened elsewhere.

Somewhere there is a family wondering where there daughter is. Somewhere there is a murderer who has not yet been brought to justice.

If you have any information about this case and can identify this Jane Doe please contact: Douglas County Coroner’s Office at 303-814-7150 or at

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Jane Doe Rainbow Falls, Colorado

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