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Or call Santa from Google Assistant

A new set of family experiences was announced by Google in their Canadian blog yesterday. Which are they, why it matters at the heart of this episode.

Advancements in speaking styles in TTS

Tue Nov 20 2018 (04:05)

Varying Speaking Styles with Neural Text-to-Speech

Amazon announced yesterday their advancements on Varying Speaking Styles with Neural Text-to-Speech. In this episode I talk about synthesized speech before this, why it matters, and what the (not that far) future might look like. This is one of the topics on voice technology I'm most passionated about.

Conversational interfaces in institutional services

In this episode, I talk about the automated virtual assistant and chatbot that the Montgomery County Clerk of Courts Office developed to answer many of the most frequently asked questions received by the Montgomery County Clerk of Courts Office by email and phone. Details on the announcement and of Microsoft cognitive services.

Aider - The AI for small business

In this episode we have a guest for the first time in the show. Enjoy my conversation with Brendan Roberts about the challenges of selling an AI product to small business and how Aider can help boost your productivity.

Shop for Alexa activated smart glasses

North, a Canadian company introduced their brick and mortar store of smart glasses with Alexa built-in. This is the episode you need to know everything about the announcement.

Survata surveyed 2000 US smart speakers owners and here is the data

More on Bixby and SDC18

Fri Nov 09 2018 (03:22)

Wait, there is more to say about the new Bixby

I was at SDC yesterday and saw more of Bixby, here are my takes.

Samsung announce yesterday at the Developer Conference in San Francisco that the Bixby platform was open to developers. The Bixby developer Studio was until so far in private beta. We were part of the beta program and created two capsules. Here are the details of the announcement and our capsules!

The Guardian Voice Lab

Wed Nov 07 2018 (01:59)

Compelling data on voice search and smart assistants market and usage

Mobile Web Index released a report on voice search trends that covers more than voice search. In this episode I talk about the main take aways and future implications from the report. Also, I just make an appearance introducing a guest presenting the content. Enjoy

Alexa in office equipment

Sun Nov 04 2018 (01:25)

Alexa everywhere keeps giving on

The Alexa Presentation Language

Sat Nov 03 2018 (02:32)

Why Alexa Presentation Language might be the biggest news right now for voice apps?

For developers and anyone involved in the mobile revolution around 2010, anything that promises to work in different devices seamless is like a dream. That’s what Alexa Presentation Language is seducing us with: build interactive, multimodal Alexa skills and customize them for different Alexa-enabled devices.

Is Siri an enterprise product

Fri Nov 02 2018 (04:16)

Analyzing an article on Siri as an enterprise product

Siri made an appearance, briefly, in this episode talking about Siri as an enterprise product, is it, is it not what other questions this might lead us to?

Conversational forms or adios web forms

Thu Nov 01 2018 (07:17)

Exploring the conversational forms available today

How does the future of forms - including lead forms, government services forms- will look like, how collecting data will change when conversational interfaces are more mainstream among users? This is a question that has been in my head for a few months now. But today's episode is about the present and not the future.

Voice tech presence in the enterprise and predictions realizing after 2 years

Google announces interactive stories in partnership with Disney

Google and Expedia new partnership

Translate from your headphones and listen to translations from your phone

Google Translate is available on all Assistant-optimized headphones and Android phones.

Voice across industries

Thu Oct 11 2018 (01:14)

Summary of our newsletter issue today

Every Thursday 9:50 PT we send the weekly issue of the ultimate newsletter in voice technology. We will soon add an audio version of it as well.

Add voice to your mobile app with ease

Wed Oct 10 2018 (02:51)

If you use AppSheet

AppSheet, a service to create mobile apps almost without coding announced last week a new feature that allow creators to add a new user interface that acts like a digital business assistant. In this episode I talk about why this is relevant and the voice dichotomy.

On Snapchat and messaging payment patents

Summarizing the most important announcement for Google Assistant

Hard problems chatbots are solving today, an example

Parenting with Alexa

Sat Oct 06 2018 (02:35)

Latest update of Alexa has children in consideration for responses of hard questions

Skill connection in Alexa

Fri Oct 05 2018 (02:18)

What I think about the skills connections available and where I see it impact the most

Will.I.am smart assistant

Reboot the web with voice

Wed Oct 03 2018 (02:39)

A new web was announced by the creator of the WWW and it has a voice already

Amazon Alexa and sports stats

Sun Sep 30 2018 (02:47)

Alexa is getting smarter about sports stats, why do I care, even if I do not like football

Cortana Skills Kit for Enterprises

Sat Sep 29 2018 (02:01)

More enterprise movement with voice tech

The influence of voice technology in software development.

I’m very passionate about the process of software development and how the process affects the product cycle. I read a blog post about people with physical disabilities using voice tools to program, so I was excited when found this article about the influence of voice technology in software development. Let’s see some of the ways software development is being affected by voice.

Is Podcast media dying?

Thu Sep 27 2018 (04:05)

Several media companies are shutting their podcast units

Happy Thursday! Today is newsletter day! Every Thursday at 9:50 Pacific Time, our weekly issue is sent to your inbox. It filled with my commentary of the best of the week and stuff I find interesting even if it didn’t make mainstream media in conversational interfaces, voice technologies and voice strategy and branding. If you haven’t subscribed yet do so at voicefirstweekly.com. Alright, moving on to today’s business.

My analysis of the consumables announcement by Amazon

Amazon is the one pushing the most for monetization options. This is not that strange, because Bezos, and by extension, Amazon understand incentives very well.

Salesforce and Apple, Amazon with Microsoft and vendors and Facebook

Shortcuts: jobs to be done .. by me?

Sun Sep 23 2018 (02:33)

My comments on the Shortcuts feature plus some apps where you can see it in action

It's episode 100!! What a ride, everyday more in love with bringing this episodes to live. Thank all of you who connect and listen.

Hands-free call from Alexa with Skype

Sat Sep 22 2018 (02:22)

Presenting the feature and why is a smart play by both companies

Amazon introduced a set of new Alexa enabled devices and I look a

Conversational CRM at enterprise scale

Thu Sep 20 2018 (03:43)

Salesforce voice enabled two cents

Why Amazon TV voice control is a threat to broadcasters

“As a content provider we have no control over this service,”. “We have to actively defend ourselves.” Why, and why Amazon TV voice control is a threat to broadcasters is my take in this episode.

The most human like chatbot

Tue Sep 18 2018 (03:17)

A conversation on "dumb" or ML powered chatbots

Mitsuku has taken home the Loebner prize 4th times, the international contest for the most human like chatbot. What's behind his success? Tune in !

Know where you can win some cash building voice games and apps

Here from Amazon, Samsung and Google to know in which contests you can participate now.

A compilation of branding content published on the site

Today's episode, I did a compilation of some of the content we have on the show about branding in voice. Enjoy!

What are the opportunities in voice for older adults ?

As we continue to live longer and healthier, assisting older adults is one of the ways companies can leverage voice technology to provide better care.

A little of paradigm shifts

Following our the revolution will be synthesized episode, we present a first look

The conversation is the voice app

Tue Sep 11 2018 (02:09)

Reflecting on a post by Google Head of Design Outreach

Is voice more creative or technical

Mon Sep 10 2018 (03:07)

I have said voice platforms is about creatives and i have said the key are the developers

I have said voice platforms is about creatives and i have said the key are the developers, in this episode I make up my mind!

A question asked in Instagram and this is my (short) take on it

Some tips to optimize your site

Do you know how Alexa and Siri decides which website to pull when they are asked a question? Some tips to optimize your site for it from research agency iProspect.

Exploring Chinese market

Today, I want to focus on the strong stance Chinese companies have on voice technology and smart assistants and how they are driving a low cost smart assistant market.

AWS and Google Cloud comparison and the winner!

In this one we continue comparing cognitive and we close comparing Amazon AWS and Google Cloud language and speech API offerings.

Dive into the services you can use today to power up your apps

Voice apps does not have to be only smart assistants apps, you can power your web and mobile applications with intelligent services for speech and language recognition. But what are the main services, what are their trade off and which one should I choose? Follow me along in this first part of a two part cognitive services analysis

The Revolution will be synthesized

Tue Sep 04 2018 (04:17)

A prime of synthesized media

In this episode I went ahead and did some research on synthesized media. I'm sure we will be hearing more of this in the coming years. Here is a prime of what it means.

Amazon 50 000 skills worldwide plus Google bilingual support, what you need to start your week in voice

During the 2018 IFV conference in Berlin last week, Amazon announced that Alexa has 50 000 skills worldwide, 20 000 devices and it’s used by 3500 brands. Big numbers, what does it tell us, though? Explore this plus other announcements of the end of last week to start your week in voice.

Amazon made the announcement what else this can be a use case for

Uses cases for the contact sensor API in Alexa.

Microsoft announced this week will add automatic translation later this year

Microsoft will be adding "later this year" automatic transcription to their OneDrive for business and SharePoint storage service.

VoiceFirst Infinity stones

Fri Aug 31 2018 (03:19)

The VoiceFirst World also has infinity stone to search for

FYI: No spoilers ahead. Are you a fan of Marvel? Even if you are not you have probably heard of Thanos and the gauntlet and the infinity stones. He is on the search to get them at all cost. For voice developers and creators, this are the infinity stones you should be searching for, plus one bonus!

Catch our weekly newsletter preview read by one of the Google synthetic voices

Find a especial guest in this episode!

Google announced the general availability of Cloud text to speech, new audio profiles that optimize sound for playback on different devices, enhancement to multichannel recognition and more. And just the same day of the announcement we tested the voices! It's in this episode, check it out

The next wave in chatbots

Tue Aug 28 2018 (04:26)

3 main points driving the next wave for chatbots

What will be the 3 main points driving the next wave for chatbots? Where are chatbots now, and a look at the future.

2 news to get you started in this week about voice

Google Shortwave app for spoken-word content is being developed by the company and the GOV.UK website release voice apps features as part of their digital strategy

Extended Alexa Fellowship program

Sun Aug 26 2018 (01:52)

Amazon is extending their fellowship program to 18 universities

Branding in voice is hard, but you need to do it

Branding in voice is going to be the biggest challenge for voice since the internet. The key will be to bring branding in a way that is seamless to the user experience. Why is a challenge and tips to be present in the platforms.

5 Insights in voice technology

Fri Aug 24 2018 (03:39)

What the 2 years of the Google Assistant has taught them

Scott Huffman, Google Assistant VP of Engineering, wrote an article outlining the 5 insights of voice technology they have gathered since launching Google Assistant 2 years ago.Here they are, for you today, commented by me, your companion in the discovery of the rise of voice and conversational interfaces.

This week in smart devices

Thu Aug 23 2018 (02:42)

Two relevant news for this week devices market

Voice space fragmentation

Wed Aug 22 2018 (04:21)

Every day more voice platforms are added to a list that keeps growing, what does it means ?

As more devices and smart assistants are being added, it got me thinking, the voice is space is diversifying really quickly, my thoughts on what does it mean, and how this makes voice so different than mobile and websites eras.

Aloha Facebook voice assistant

Tue Aug 21 2018 (02:45)

Rumours has it that Facebook is adding voice messaging to Messenger and Instagram

Is Facebook launching a smart device? Or is it only voice capabilities in Messenger and Instagram? This is the big news of the day and certainly of the week and we are here for it.

Examples of how voice technology is being or can be applied to our workplaces

Happy Monday! Following Forbes article 12 exciting ways to use Alexa on the workplace I decided to build from that and talk about 5 (because we are have short episodes) applications of voice technologies in the workplace.

Does insurance has a voice

Sun Aug 19 2018 (02:08)

The state of voice in the insurance industry

Introducing The Voice Job Board

Sun Aug 19 2018 (01:49)

Need to hire for voice or conversational AI, looking for jobs, this job board it's for you

Announcing our new Job Board along with educational resources to help you hire for your voice applications the different backgrounds you'll need from designers to creatives to engineers. And for those looking to enter the field from different industries.

Exploring modalities in voice

Fri Aug 17 2018 (04:47)

Conversational and voicefirst is going to be about multi modal applications.

If we are talking multi modalities and multi devices, which are they and how they come together?

Text to speech services analysis

Thu Aug 16 2018 (06:40)

We found the prominent services in the market of TTS for a comparison

A comparison of text to speech services. Features and prices down to suggestions of the best.

Internationalization of voice apps

Wed Aug 15 2018 (05:15)

Why is imperative you think about i18n in the early stages of your app

During the past months availability of either Google Assistant and Alexa to different languages and regions has been constant news. The race to win in every language has never been greater.

What's next in conversational AI

Tue Aug 14 2018 (03:45)

My analysis of the article published in VentureBeat

VentureBeat published a few weeks back an article by Martin Reddi from PullString about what’s next on conversational AI. I have had the article open on my tabs since then and I wanted to share it here and comment on it. And that day has arrived!

The relevant news we didn't catch up last week that you need to know

3 news and one announcement from our team to start your week in voice. Don't miss it to stay on top on the most relevant in the space right now. There's nothing like this for your ears every day.

What are the ways you can repurpose your content to smart speakers and how

Maybe you don’t need an app to be in voice platforms, you can just repurpose your content for smart assistants platforms. This is one of the things VoiceFirst Labs does for companies, repurpose their existing content for smart speaker platforms to reach millions of users. But what are the ways to do it and how can it be done?

Google Built-in intents

Sat Aug 11 2018 (02:49)

A step forward on discoverability of Google Actions

This one is for devs of Google Actions. What are built in intents, how can you use them, why do they matter.

Investing trends in voice tech

Fri Aug 10 2018 (04:40)

My comment on the recents investments in voice

Two major trends in current investment that caught my attention and are outlines in this episode.

The state of voice search

Thu Aug 09 2018 (04:08)

What are numbers telling us on voice search

If you still haven’t optimized your website for voice search, you’re losing a fair share of the online marketing potential.If that doesn’t convince you, just take a look at these voice search statistics:325 million people are searching through the internet using voice search20% of Google searches are done through voice search with 95% accuracy of answers4 million Amazon Echo devices are sold during one holiday season

Audio branding for a voice-first future

Wed Aug 08 2018 (03:34)

Audio branding is not new, but it has more relevance in todays smart assistant world

Audio branding is not new, it comes since the Golden Age of Radio, but it were never a time where it was more important to know how you brand sounds like in today’s times.

Voice shopping report by The information only 2% of users has bought via voice

The Information released today an article echoed by TechCrunch reporting numbers revealing that very few owners of Alexa-powered devices use them for shopping. Small stats on this and the question: are we gonna continue seeing these types of articles based on the Is the technology there yet for voice? I think we will. Join the debate on Twitter and share your opinion with the voice-first community,

It's not voice-only

Mon Aug 06 2018 (02:47)

What's voice first?

Lately I have been hearing a lot of voice only or voice and, this is my take on why voice first is about the interface and not the only medium.

App Actions

Sun Aug 05 2018 (04:00)

Google App Actions every Android app can be an Action or the Google version of Shortcuts

Google has an announcement in their Google Actions on Google about repurposing android mobile apps into actions. We reflect on it.

Short answer, yes she can, and what else?

An interesting and simple use case of an Alexa skill

Voice applications outside the scope of voice assistants

Snapchat launched two days ago new lenses that respond to voice commands. Lenses are animations on top of your photos and videos in the snapchat mobile app. While the company has offered lenses that involve audio before, this is the first time it has created lenses that actually recognize words. What does this means and why is a trend to follow.

Voice, language and user interfaces

Thu Aug 02 2018 (02:54)

voice vs gui

The duality between Voice and Visual interfaces basically comes down to age old question of visual communication versus audio communication. “Language need not have started in a spoken modality; sign language may have been the original language. This shift is leading companies to ask the question of whether they should continue to invest in the visual interface or should budgets shift to voice?

New ways to interact with users from skills

Is voice about care

Tue Jul 31 2018 (02:11)

Cares to be given vs jobs to be done in voice

@hculbertson tweeted during the weekend that the concept of jobs to be done about shortcuts got her thinking about cares to be given in voice, and that got me thinking.

How we produce content for VoiceFirst Weekly

Hello there, I got asked some deal on voice summit how we put our flash briefing on Google Assistant. It’s not as straightforward as in Alexa, and it require some coding, but it can be done! So today’s episode is gonna be a little meta and we are gonna talk about the tools and processes we follow to produce VoiceFirst Weekly content.

Voice Summit wrap up

Sun Jul 29 2018 (01:35)

Voice summit 2018 held this week in Newark, NJ

Alexa and wine!

Sat Jul 28 2018 (01:50)

How is Alexa going to help you to pair wines

Voice in medical education

Fri Jul 27 2018 (02:13)

Rockpointe in launching a CME on Alexa

This week we learned that Rockpointe is launching a medical education program on Amazon's Alexa for doctors that they say is the first for the voice technology.

A little talk on the promise of voice first for the visually or physically impaired

My uncle has been fighting a disease that he knows is gonna left him blind, soon. One of my best friend is blind. Of all our technological advantages to date, none of them have been particularly helpful for blind or physically impaired. Navigating internet today for my uncle or my friend is a daunting task. Booking flights, a relatively easy task for you or me, is a long process of calls with operators for them. Now imagine how voice applications can change that.

The next big thing in voice - a rant

Wed Jul 25 2018 (03:27)

We see a lot of what's the next big thing in voice, is it there yet

Voice for learning

Tue Jul 24 2018 (03:18)

The current and future possibilities of voice for learning

Amazon and Microsoft called the assistants apps skills. And there’s a reason for it, the assistant is supposed to learn from the skills, be enhanced by them. Can smart speakers enhance learning and education?

Some of the other players in the smart assistants market

Alexa, Google Assistant, Bixby, Cortana are not the only smart speakers, they all have something in common: created and baked by a big company. But they are not the only assistants in the market. In this episode we dive into some of the other players.

In the road to Voice Summit

Sun Jul 22 2018 (00:52)

Following Voice Summit next July 24, we are on the road

Just wishing you the best week! Today we are traveling to Voice Summit, so there is no episode but I needed to log in and wish you the best week ahead.

Don't let your chatbot get rusty

Sat Jul 21 2018 (03:10)

How to keep your chatbot up to date

Some guidelines for chatbots maintenance.

Voice commerce in mobile

Fri Jul 20 2018 (02:58)

What are brands doing with voice commerce in different plaforms?

According to a recent study conducted by audio and AI company Voysis, more than half of voice commerce is conducted on mobile phones with assistant programs like Siri or emerging platforms that are enabling audio conversions.However, the rise of mobile voice sales is also a result of retailers investing more heavily in voice-activated mobile apps and technology, according to Ryan Macinnis, director of marketing at Voysis.

Use cases from media companies

What are companies doing today to generate money from voice platforms and what else can be done.

Voice in publishing industry

Wed Jul 18 2018 (03:45)

What publishing companies doing in voice

Just like every other brand on the market, publishers are waking up to the reality that voice is rapidly changing the way people interact with products and services.Platformslike NYT, BBC, Reuters and Evening Standard are experimenting with the formats to understand where the audience is, the frequency in which the content needs to be delivered and times of the day people listen in these platforms.

All the echo lines deals on Prime Day

The state of voice compared to where mobile apps were 10 years ago

The App Store turned 10 years this month. How does voice technology and skills compare to mobile apps 10 years ago?

Voice terminology

Sun Jul 15 2018 (02:26)

A very short list of terms to know in voice

What is the basic terminology is voice tech that it's important to know?

Investments in voice on the raise

The voice world keep getting the monies. Bespoken announced yesterday that it raised 2.4 million dollars in seed funding round. Bespoken, a developer focused tool we featured as a voice resource a couple of weeks ago in our newsletter, allows you to test and monitor your Alexa skills.Storyline, Sensible Object, list of voice focused companies who have raised money in the last months.

Voice in Healthcare

Fri Jul 13 2018 (03:16)

A list of voice tech at Medical facilities or for medical purposes

In a recent episode we talked about coming events in voice ecosystem. One of this conference is the Voice of Healthcare Summit taking place in August. These are real life examples of voice applications in hospitals or medical institutions.

Voice is not about voice (only)

Thu Jul 12 2018 (03:05)

Voice, chatbots, vikings

We have been waiting on the rise of bots for years now. I remember how in 2015 people were going crazy on chatbots and that it will be the “Next big thing”. Revolutions in technology are multi stepped. It has been quiet, but it’s growing. Now what happen with voice and chatbots? With aggregated together, you can provide a seamless experience, transparently to the end user of communication between a voice app and your chatbot. Following voice command prompts, inter-related services will communica ...

Utterance is magic

Wed Jul 11 2018 (03:14)

How literature paint a better picture that we could hope to do on the definition of sound and speech

Today's episode is different to other themes we talk here, which are more strategy driven. Today is about art, and how one artist sees speech, sound and communication. It's a quote that stood with me, and I want to share it. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.I like the intersection of technology and art, and everything else. And in terms of voice-first Ursula Le Guin paints the best picture: "Sound is event. Speech, the most specifically human sound, and the most significant kind of sound, i ...

Apple AirPods Bloomberg article commentary

Apple is improving the AirPods, but what about the HomePod? Or is their strategy different to a SiriPods, then that would be cool and game changer.

What are restrictions you need to know about building voice apps

Our first discussion about Cortana dives into smartphones war and assistants rise for Microsoft

Cortana has among their featured skills like tips on saving money, location reminder, check your email, send texts, etc. I was surprised not to see more skills directed at productivity. It would make a lot of sense for them to present themselves as the enterprise assistant, effectively repurposing Cortana as the workplace assistant more than a personal one. According to an article, the assistant is being redesigned to provide a more refine user experience for consumers, promoting a typing based- ...

Coming events in voice technologies

Sat Jul 07 2018 (02:38)

Voice events in the following months until January 2019

If you are a voice enthusiast, might that be a developer, designer, entrepreneur or an investor you should be aware of the events and conferences, to flourish ideas and connect with fellow voice first enthusiasts. In this episode we are bringing you the most important events in voice that you need to know. Disclaimer: we are not sponsored by or in association of any kind with any of the organizers of the conferences listed here.

What do you need to start thinking on your voice strategy

What are the questions you need to answer for a effective voice strategy and sound identity?When a client comes to you would you advise them to be as disciplined visually as sonically?So here is 3 things you should have into account for your sound / voice strategy.Find the full transcript at voicefirstweekly.com of all of our episodes with references.

Voice-first: mobile vs smart speakers

Fri Jul 06 2018 (02:44)

Where is voice most likely to succeed?

From stories with kids expecting Alexa to tell them the weather at a camping, to one yelling Bike stop! We can infer that voice is heading for ubiquitousness.

Siri at the British parliament

Wed Jul 04 2018 (02:19)

An unexpected interruption at the British parliament

The British secretary of defense was interrupted by Siri while delivering a statement to the parliament. Funny isn’t.The response of the twitterverse was that this was a high security concern that he has a voice activated device with the listen on all the time in parliament sensitive meetings. Would it make sense that parliaments have a smart speaker/intelligent assistant in their meetings? I can see that will happen eventually. For sure we’ll have first to sort out the security concerns and pri ...

Generation V

Tue Jul 03 2018 (03:23)

The generation of voice-first or design for VUI like a kid

Every once in a while, I see a tweet of a parent stating something like my kid was trying to talk to Alexa in the amusement park or a kid asking for the weather in a tent at camp or concerned with Alexa being alone in the house.Are kids that interact with smart speakers already living in a voice-first world?

Talking Hands a project to translate sign language to voice to be released in 2019

An Italian startup is developing a glove and an app that translates sign language to voice.

Jurassic World review

Sun Jul 01 2018 (02:09)

Interactive stories in voice app and premium features

We played the free version of Jurassic World and it’s really good. It’s voice actors, it’s engaging, letting you feeling you’re inside a game. You are prompted fairly frequently, keeping the attention at all times, since you need to know what to answer. However for me some of the decisions felt light, it had little to no weight in the course of the story. I went back and chose differently just to try this. But the biggest hurdle for me was how fast the free version ends, leaving me with no desir ...

Google available in Spain and Mexico

Sat Jun 30 2018 (02:47)

Ok, Google cual es el clima

Google announced that users can now query their assistant in Spanish. It was already available in the Assistant in Android phones.And now, Google Home and Google Home Mini are also available in Spanish in both Mexico and Spain. We ask it “Cual es el clima (What’s the weather)” and it replied with the weather information in English, presumably because my default language is English. They also introduced continued conversations, where you can ask more than one question without saying the invocatio ...

The city of Ozark Missouri has its own voice in Alexa.

I'm gonna play near future oracle here. It seems to me that in time it makes a lot of sense that every city has a voice assistant in every main attraction area where visitors and locals can ask questions about the city and the different services that are link to the government. It would be really useful for tourists finding their way around the city, asking for schedules of theaters, city hall, museums.

Jobs posting for voice applications

Thu Jun 28 2018 (03:25)

What categories, headings and skills are necessary for a job in voice tech

Someone asked this week in the voice entrepreneur groupWe need category headings for job types & Skills applicable to the world of Voice Development/businesses needs. Think: Roles, Skills, Technologies.Voice is so new as a platform that we haven’t defined yet common domain for applicants and jobs. What’s so interesting and attractive to me about voice is not only the technical side of it, but the psychology and understanding of human communication that it’s so core to the whole technology.

Is about time we see a Podcast app on Android

Continuing with the trend in naming service as literal as possible the app is called Google Podcasts and will recommend shows that users may like based on their listening profile. Google is predicting a lot of growth for podcast listeners. The coolest part, for us anyway, is that the app will come integrated with Google Assistant meaning you can search for and play podcasts wherever you have Assistant enabled.

In voice, as in life, there are not second chances to make first impressions. Particularly at this stage in a technology that has not gained all users attention. To increase engagement with your voice app – start with the welcoming experience.

Your car will talk way before it flies

Your car will talk way before it flies. We were promised flying cars instead we got talking, connected cars. And that might be a good thing. We are not ready for flying cars.In the late 2017 Smart audio report by NPR and Edison Research, is said that 64% of Smart Speaker owners are interested in having Smart Speaker technology in their car. Mercedes Benz, Tesla and Lexus, some of the companies leading the way in voice technology in cars.

How manufacturing companies can leverage voice search

For industrial marketers the advent of voice search could change how their potential customers look for parts and services. Imagine a procurement manager who holds up his phone and shouts out a keyword like this (formatted the way a search engine would process it): “Ok Google search for aluminum suppliers.” Or maybe it would be “Alexa show me CPVC pipe manufacturers.”

Audio should play a part on your strategy, out front

You decided to enter voice tech and smart speakers market. You want to be ahead of the game and you took the leap to create Alexa skills and Google Actions, now what? How are you going to use the data you get to your strategic advantage?

Alexa on the Apple Watch

Fri Jun 22 2018 (01:31)

How can you have an Alexa in your Apple Watch

Voice in a Can app allows you to have Alexa in your wrist. It will fully support the smart home features of Alexa, you’ll be able to trigger your lights or other devices like an Alexa-enabled coffee machine while you’re out of the house.However, as this is a third-party Alexa app, it also means you won’t be able to use it to make calls, play music, or do Echo announcements.

What are the voice apps consumers are engaging the most for Alexa and Google Assistant

What are the most popular Google Assistant Actions and Amazon Alexa skills and what does it means for you as a creator or brand. What people is choosing to engage with it's the ultimate metric.

Which companies are leading the voicefirst tech in banking and finance

There is no doubt of the convenience of voice for a lot of everyday tasks. And banking and finance institutions are quickly adopting voice technologies. Saying Alexa send 500 from my checking account to John Doe is faster and easier than to log in into your banking app, look for transfers, confirm amount and transfer the money. Granted, there are security concerns and you probably won’t like other people present in the house to hear your balance of zero, but there’s no doubt of the convenience o ...

Board games arriving to Alexa

Tue Jun 19 2018 (02:17)

Sensible objects raises 3.2 million to grow its experiences that combine Alexa with board games.

Alexa, play when in Rome. Company Sensible Object announced on Monday it has raised $3.2 million to grow its experiences that combine Alexa with board games. "The company’s first game, When in Rome, will go on sale July 2 on Amazon in Australia, Canada, the US, and UK."When in Rome is a multiplayer game that uses Alexa as your guide and provider of a multimedia experience. The game introduces players to locals in cities around the world through trivia questions and was created with the help of a ...

Voice search for small businesses

Google has stated that voice search accounts for 20% of its mobile queries. For context, half of all search queries originated on mobile devices. This frequency of voice search use shows how relevant this technology is to brick-and-mortar locations, altho it’s worth noting that elsewhere in the cited research it’s clear that consumers are using voice search to get information on businesses of which they’re already aware, rather than discovering new ones. For now. We still have to see how adverti ...

Find some of the services you could use in Voice platforms to help your business

Voice technologies reduce friction for consumers and you could make the most of the new voice platforms. We recommend start thinking about your voice strategy today, how do you want to sound and what’s your sonic identity. Here is some ways where you could leverage voice tech.Find more at http://voicefirstweekly.com/flashbriefing/flashbriefing-3-how-can-you-leverage-voice-tech-for-your-business-today/

Books, tutorials and services for creating voice skills and actions

Creating voice apps can be easy even if you are not a developer. In this flash briefing we list resources you can leverage when building for voice first platforms like Alexa and Google Home. Find the full transcript and links at http://voicefirstweekly.com/flashbriefing/flash-briefing-2-resources-to-create-voice-apps-without-knowing-how-to-code/

Gendered voices for brands

Sat Jun 09 2018 (01:28)

Should brands have a 'persona' for their voice presence?

Should brands have a persona in voice platforms or keep neutral? In this flash briefing we discuss two conflicting views on the matter.