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/// with Josh Wigmore

Communicating address information to voice assistants is hard. Josh Wigmore, Head of Product, joins us to share how What 3 Words are making this possible.

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In this episode

Josh Wigmore, Head of Product at What 3 Words joins us to share the challenges of addresses in voice, how What 3 Words are helping, how you can use What 3 Words in your voice apps and what the big tech providers need to do to allow accurate address communication.


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From copywriter to conversational designer with Claire Medcalf

Claire Medcalf, Lead Creative at Rehab Agency, joins us to share her learnings on moving from a copywriter to a conversation designer and how you can do the same.

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In this episode

This week, Dustin and Kane catch up with Cannes Lions Gold-Winning Creative Lead, Claire Medcalf and discuss how she went from copywriter to conversational designer.

We chat about the similarities and differences between the two, Claire's learnings in designing conversations, where the role will go in future and how you can become a conversation designer.

As adoption of voice user interfaces become more prevalent, so too will the role of Conversational Designer. This episode will give you a glimpse into the life of a conversational designer and help you establish your own path to doing the same.


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