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Connie Yowell & Kylie Peppler Talk LRNG

Thu Dec 13 2018 (57:03)

Why Southern New Hampshire University and LRNG are new partners for education reform

In this episode I'm joined by two special guests and we're talking about a recent merger that may have gone unnoticed by many, but to me could be a tiny rumble before a tremendous shift that could rock education in a lot of ways. Here were some of the headlines:New Merger Wants to Create ‘WeWork for Education’ Via Digital Badges and Mini-CampusesNext for SNHU: Game-Based Learning and Digital Badges for Middle SchoolersSouthern New Hampshire University and LRNG Merge to Deploy Innovative Communit ...

Code of Ethics

Thu Dec 06 2018 (01:25:17)

Celebrating computer science education week with Anil Dash & Natasha Singer, and aspiring young engineer, Brenda

I was extremely honored to be invited by friends at CSTA-NYC to help produce a live episode of the show on the topic of Tech and Ethics. We called the event "Code of Ethics" and my thanks in particular to the kind and hardworking folks in the Audio-Visual department at Microsoft, NY, who hosted the event. Anil Dash is the CEO of Glitch, formerly Fogcreek Software, and host of Vox Media's new show on Tech and Society, Function, and long-time advocate for a more socially-minded technology sector, ...

Cramming for Ethics in Tech

Thu Nov 29 2018 (49:48)

In prep for next week's live episode, "Code of Ethics" I cram with my high school philosophy teacher, John Cleary

I'm cramming for my conversation next week about ethics and tech, and as I prepare I thought it would be a fun way to add some transparency to the process. Usually when I prepare for a big episode I reach out to folks in my network, I dig for sources, I spend a lot of time with the topic in my head. When I thought about who I should reach out to as I think about the roots of some of the issues we'll cover next week, I wondered, who might help me with something of a literature review on the ethic ...

On media and fear-mongering about "Screen Time" and kids

At the end of October, the New York Times ran a series of articles on kids, parents, and screentime. It looked at trends among parents, largely around the Silicon Valley in California. When I read Anya Kamenetz's response in the Columbia Journalism Review, titled What the Times Got Wrong About Kids and Phones, I had to reach out and see if she'd be willing to talk. I think her perspective on this issue is extremely important.Anya Kamenetz is NPR's lead education blogger. She joined NPR in 2014, ...

The "M" in STEM

Fri Oct 19 2018 (01:12:06)

Researchers from "Math For All" are working to improve mathematics education by enriching teachers' practice

Buckle up for some real talk about solutions to our Math challenges that might sound simple in a lot of cases, but they certainly aren't obvious. If they were, we would've figured out a long time ago that, for example, "school math and real math" as Marvin puts it during this interview, should not and cannot be such very different things.In this episode, Marc interviews researchers fromEducation Development Center's Center for Children and TechnologyandBank Street College of Education, who are c ...

Competency X

Fri Oct 05 2018 (01:13:32)

How One School Partners Across San Diego County to Help Realize the Promise of Digital Badges

Del Lago Academy is one use case that shows the potential of alternative credentialing (or digital badges) for reforming assessment in the digital age. If you're a K12 professional, a funder, or a education technologist that's been following the conversation on Badges for Learning, you don't want to miss this conversation. Alec Barron is the lead behind Competency X, a project that's already engaged teachers, local industry, and higher ed in a serious conversation about how competency-based prac ...

Sex Ed In the Digital Age

Wed Sep 19 2018 (01:14:23)

What the largest provider of SexEd, Planned Parenthood Federation, Rutgers University's "Answer," and one college senior have to say about the current state of sex ed in the US

In this episode I'm talking with Julia Bennett, Director of Learning Strategy at Planned Parenthood Federation of America, along with Dan Rice, Director of Training for an organization called, Answer out of Rutgers University in New Jersey, and Temitayo Fagbenle, Senior, City University of NY, Queens College and soon-to-begin "Fellow" at "Nancy," a production of WNYC Studios. You may remember her from previous episodes of this show on higher education and youth radio.If you've wondered about thi ...

Video Games With My Teacher - Part 2

Wed Sep 05 2018 (01:15:16)

Rudy Blanco and Kimari Rennis Play "Don't Starve Together"

This episode is part 2 of an experiment. If you listen to both episodes, it’s two hours of gameplay, and talk about games in learning, play, popular titles, a takedown of the Fortnight franchise by young Game Reviewer, and Rudy Blanco's student, Kimari Rennis - I can’t wait for you to meet Kimari - we talk about diversity in games, we define some terms, sidetrack a bit into mythology, and so so much more. Here’s the bottom line, though. If you’ve never played video games with your students, you ...

Video Games With My Teacher - Part 1

Tue Aug 28 2018 (54:29)

Rudy Blanco and Kimari Rennis Play "Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime"

This episode is another two-parter and it’s something of an experiment. If you listen to both episodes, it’s two hours of gameplay, and talk about games in learning, play, popular titles, a takedown of the Fortnight franchise by young Game Reviewer, and Rudy Blanco's student, Kimari Rennis - I can’t wait for you to meet Kimari - we talk about diversity in games, we define some terms, sidetrack a bit into mythology, and so so much more. Here’s the bottom line, though. If you’ve never played video ...

15 Years of Games For Change

Thu Aug 02 2018 (01:03:05)

Three conversations showcasing the most prominent Serious Games festival in the world.

The organization Games for Change is hard to describe as being just one thing: they throw a Festival that happens every year in NYC, and that's been the backbone of the organization, but around that has grown a really important community of artists and activists, educators, computer scientists, developers, funders, and game studios who believe deeply in the power of games for improving the human experience. Sometimes that's about empathy for other humans, sometimes it's about zooming in on somet ...

Dr. Gretchen Givens Generett

Fri Jul 20 2018 (01:39:30)

Equity and Diversity in Education Leadership

Dr. Gretchen Givens Generett, is a researcher / educator on issues of teacher professional development, educational leadership, and cultural diversity.An associate professor in the School of Education at Duquesne University, Gretchen is the Director of the University Council for Educational Administration Center for Educational Leadership and Social Justice.Her teaching and research are designed to enhance the skills and habits of mind necessary for educators to effectively teach students from d ...

Part 2 On the implementation of maker educator training for inclusion classrooms.

If you're getting to this episode without having given a listen to Episode 34 on MakerEd and Autism, hit pause and back up one episode. This one won't land without its predecessor. In fact, when I recorded this interview, it was intended as a segment that I would drop into 34, but the more I tried to make it work, the less I liked it. I didn't want to interrupt the previous conversation, and I didn't want to give short shrift to Dave Wells, who's a critical piece of the Maker Educator puzzle in ...

MakerEd & Autism

Tue Jul 03 2018 (01:15:21)

Researchers investigate what affordances emerge when MakerEd meets inclusion environments for kids on the Autism Spectrum.

Kristie Patten Koenig is an occupational therapist, with a PhD in Educational Psychology.From her bio: She examines the efficacy of interventions utilized in public schools for children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorders.She's the Department Chair for Occupational Therapy at New York University and a leading researcher on K12 interventions related to Autism Spectrum Disorder.Dr. Wendy Martin leads research that deepens understanding of how key components of educational programs influ ...

Science Communication

Fri Jun 22 2018 (36:52)

Part 2 from the Task Force for Broadening Participation in Informal Science Learning

This is part two of a couple of episodes on "Broadening Participation." Dr. Sunshine Menezes, has served as executive director of the Metcalf Institute at the University of Rhode Island since 2006. She became a Clinical Associate Professor of Environmental Communication in the URI Department of Natural Resources Science in 2017. She'd spent more than a decade before that as specialist in Science Communication and science policy. Menezes received a B.S. in zoology from Michigan State University, ...

Episode 32: "The Trajectory of Knowledge"

Fri Jun 15 2018 (01:05:40)

Conversation with the Broadening STEM Participation Task Force

This episode is important groundwork for understanding some of the nuance of broadening participation. This interview is with experts like Jaime Bell, Cecilia Garabay, Christine Reich, and Dale McCreedy, and together we dive into the issue. I taped these interviews after a two-day convening of the task force in Washington DC. Every step of this experience has been an honor and a priviledge to be a part of, and I'm really grateful for the chance to contribute and, of course, learn a lot myself. I ...

Episode 31: "Break All The Rules"

Thu Jun 07 2018 (01:22:44)

Learn why Amil Cook uses 360 cameras, crypto currency, and hip hop education in his Pittsburgh classroom

Amil Cook is a teacher at Propel Andrew Street Charter School in Pittsburgh, and he sees educators as DJs for learning. Part of his mantra... "break all the rules"My conversation with Amil Cook highlights some opportunities that excited me when I first heard about them because they were totally novel instances where an educator was consciously pairing these specific technologies - crypto currency and 360 cameras - with learning experiences at the high school level. Amil and I, along with nearly ...

Episode 30: Manhattan Make-A-Thon

Wed May 30 2018 (01:14:47)

Reporting from a unique NYC event where students and educators skill-up as Makers

This episode is about Maker Education, but also about the high stakes of designing high quality professional experiences for educators. There are still too many professional experiences meant to hone craft, build skills, and excite that are way too dull.Manhattan Make-A-Thon is something different. And for that, it deserves a lot of credit. Earlier in the year, Lori Stahl Van-Brackle, Director of Instructional Technology for the Manhattan Field Support Center at the NYC DOE, challenged 20 school ...

Live with Data & Society at Techno Cultures in the 21st Century Symposium

Today's interview is a live taping of the show from the annual Facutly Symposium at Borough of Manhattan Community College. The daylong symposium was called Techno Cultures in the 21st Century.Marc and Becca Lewis from Data & Society, explore the report titled,"Media Manipulation and Disinformation Online" widening its scope to include her further research on the "Online Far-Right" as content creators. If you're someone who spends time advocating for a creative and collaborative culture on the i ...

Episode 28: If Grades Were Hyperlinks

Wed Apr 25 2018 (01:22:47)

Two learning scientists explore the potential of digital credentials (see also: Badges)

Marc talks with distinguished learning scientists Katie Davis from University of Washington, and Barry Fishman of University of Michigan about "badges," also known as digital, micro, and alternative credentials. The group discusses the potential for technology to reframe the experience for learners of demonstrating "achievement" throughout their education and development.If you like this episode, subscribe toNo Such Thingon iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play. If it's not available on your favorit ...

Episode 27: Other Technologies, Part 2

Thu Apr 19 2018 (56:00)

This is Part 2 of a 2-Part Episode.Akbar Cooke is a vice principal at West Side High School in Newark NJ, he's one in nearly 1mm K12 administrators in the country, but at West Side he's a giant. Kids call him "coach" or "Cooke" and straighten up when they see him. Not out of fear, but respect - the kind that if you've ever worked with teens, you know only comes when things are reciprocal, mutual - it's clear that his heart is as intimidating, in a way, as his physical presence. Everyone should w ...

Episode 26: Other Technologies, Part 1

Thu Apr 12 2018 (59:57)

A Newark NJ principal discusses the (digital?) divide with a top EdTech VC

This is Part 1 of a 2-Part Episode. Akbar Cooke is a vice principal at West Side High School in Newark NJ, he's one in nearly 1mm K12 administrators in the country, but at West Side he's a giant. Kids call him "coach" or "Cooke" and straighten up when they see him. Not out of fear, but respect - the kind that if you've ever worked with teens, you know only comes when things are reciprocal, mutual - it's clear that his heart is as intimidating, in a way, as his physical presence. Everyone should ...

Exploring school "choice" with Dov and Geneva, two students at key transition points

Dov is back, chatting with Marc about the process of "school choice" in NYC, and how he's dealing with the prospect of his non-high-tech options. Joining with her sage advice is Geneva Hayward, recently admitted to NYU's Game Center for a BFA, Geneva offers her ideas about how to blaze your own high tech path when school doesn't offer it. Both students are generally happy with their schooling, but weigh in on where to find ways to supplement the experience, and what's lacking about the process o ...

Episode 24: Ten Years of Emoti-Con!

Wed Mar 28 2018 (01:19:49)

NYC's Largest Youth Digital Media & Technology Festival

Three members of the Emoti-Con, NYC, Steering Committee join the show to talk about the event's anniversary. Amanda Perales, Christin Velasquez, and Meredith Summs talk about NYC's biggest showcase for young designers, makers, technologists, and tinkerers who believe in digital innovation as a tool for positive change in the world around them.2018 will be Emoti-Con's 10th year! If you like this episode, subscribe toNo Such Thingon iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play. If it's not available on your ...

COOP is a growing non-profit working to fulfill the broken promise of higher ed for 1st gen college students

Kalani Leifer is a former high school history teacher and the founder of COOP, a fast-growing non-profit that supports cohorts of 1st generation undergrads entering the workforce. Together, he and Monica Guzman, Program Manager and alum of Cohort 1, are evolving a model aimed at supplementing skills that prepare students for high tech jobs. Who knew that basic software remediation might be what stands in the way for many. But the biggest difference for 1st gen students they say? "Literacies" tha ...

Episode 22: Remaking Learning in Pittsburgh

Tue Feb 27 2018 (01:24:27)

Networking supports for STE(A)M pathways

In this episode, members of Pittsburgh's Remake Learning Network share what challenges unite them with other cities who rally for broadening STEM participation, and what challenges set them apart. Remake's own Ani Martinez, Community Manager and operations lead, is joined by members Alaine Allen, Univ. of Pittsburgh, Megan Cicconi, Executive Director of Instructional and Innovative Leadership at Fox Chapel School District, and Liz Whitewolf, Carnegie Science Center's Fab Lab and Technical Educat ...

Episode 21: Film Academy 360

Wed Feb 14 2018 (01:28:30)

A closeup on one NJ program using media arts for youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Spectrum 360 educator, David Di Ianni, has founded a youth media program for learners with Autism Spectrum Disorder. With help from former student, Vincent Lissandrello, now a budding media professional himself, the pair are spreading the tools and know-how to shoot and edit video among a population in need of every tool possible that might help them express themselves and make meaning of their world.In this episode, Marc tours the Spectrum 360 upper school before sitting down with David and Vin ...

Can any scientist be without some computer science?

A chemist and a biologist walk into a computer lab...Dr. Tessa Durham Brooks, a biologist from Doane University, and Dr. Raychelle Burks, analytical chemist from St. Edwards University, are working to help train the young scientists coming up through their institutions to embrace the competencies of computer science. Their reasoning: computation changes what impact a scientist can have through their work. If you think your students or your own kids are on a "STEM path" without embracing computer ...

Episode 19: "The New Education"

Mon Jan 29 2018 (01:48:37)

A live interview with Cathy N. Davidson

My thanks to CUNY SPS and CUNY Tech Meetup for playing such wonderful hosts to this event, a live interview with Professor Cathy N. Davidson, Director of The Futures Initiative at City University of New York, and one of the country's most respected scholars on the topic of higher education reform. We're joined by Temitayo Fagbenle, a Queens College student and award winning youth journalist with WNYC's Radio Rookies. InThe New Education, Cathy N. Davidson reveals that we desperately need a revol ...

Marc sits with Dr. Stephanie Rodriguez, Director of STEM Policy at the Afterschool Alliance, and Michael Preston, Executive Director of Computer Science, NYC (CSNYC), and Co-founder of the National CSForAll Consortium, to dig in on the momentum to build support for Computer Science Education. What is 'the movement'? Is there new relevance, or more urgency now than ever? What outcomes do we hope to influence in the years to come? Who do we think will benefit?If you like this episode, subscribe to ...

The potential and sometimes hard reality of Maker Ed

If you don't believe that social consciousness starts early in human development, you'll assume Armando and Lynda--middle schoolers in Manhattan--are paid actors. But they're not, and in this episode they describe some of the projects that their teacher, Dr. Lou Lahana, supports with help from a holistic Community Schools approach at the Lower East Side's Island School in Manhattan. Guest Steve Heath joins the group from Rhode Island's Fab Newport, and together the group explores the highs and l ...

Episode 16: "Immersing is Believing"

Wed Jan 03 2018 (01:36:33)

Emmy Award Winning, Max Salomon, on storytelling and VR filmmaking

Max Salomon is an Emmy Award winning documentarian and founder of Black Dot Films, specializing in VR and 360 immersive film and video. He talks about his experiences becoming a storyteller with 19-year-old Christin (Chris) Velazquez, a Production Assistant and aspiring media professional, who shares his experience with the Made In NY PA Training Program. Max shares his early journey with Chris, as they wonder together about the right steps for a young person interested in making a career out of ...

City University of New York's Youth Studies MA students talk about the program and their final project investigating STEM equity

Marc talks with four educators, also students of the MA in Youth Studies at City University of New York's School of Professional Studies, who share findings from their final case study for the course, Youth Identity & Digital Environments. Learn more about the eight practices that they found promising across four youth programs for addressing the issue of equity in STEM, and lowering barriers to academic and professional life in these fields. Cassie Broadus-Foote, Olivia Gregorius, Amanda Ebokos ...

Episode 14: Dov Goes to World Makerfaire

Wed Dec 13 2017 (01:00:34)

What do prosthetic mermaid tails and battle-ready light sabers have in common?

Friend to No Such Thing and recent NYC high school applicant, Dov Alperin, roves the 2017 World Makerfaire for weird, wonderful, and next-best things, reporting back and sharing his finds. Listeners met Dov in Episodes 2 & 3 at Brooklyn's Beam Center. This is a great episode if you missed World Makerfaire 2017, have never been, or never miss it, all the same. Prosthetic mermaid tails and battle-ready light sabers both make an appearance in this episode, and Dov asks makers, "how do I get my mom ...

Radio Rookies features nationally broadcasted youth reporters tackling drugs, crime, politics, and so much more.

Marc is joined by Temitayo Fagbenle, an award-winning Rookie Reporter, and Kaari Pitkin, Senior Producer for WNYC. Radio Rookies is the product of veteran radio producers, Marianne McCune and Kaari Pitkin, who have shepherded hundreds of youth in NYC schools through their first experiences as young reporters and storytellers. Youth-led stories have garnered numerous prestigious journalism awards and accolades. Young reporters like Temi cover big and sometimes thorny topics--drugs, race, sexual a ...

Diving deeper into the hype of one of history's most anticipated technologies.

Marc is joined by designer / developer and *renowned technoculturalist*, Joe Saavedra of Planeta, a NY-based R&D company working across digital platforms. And Chelien Brown, Learning Design Coordinator at Mouse, and NY-based STEM educator, content creator, and youth developer. From Chelien: how does he experiment with VR as a creative tool for learners in middle and high school? Learn about Joe's pathway from Alto Sax to leading large-scale hardware and software projects in VR and beyond. Togeth ...

PowerUp on UDL with Kate Rosenbloom

Tue Nov 21 2017 (45:21)

Universal Design for Learning and the "myth of the average"

Marc's guest, Kate Rosenbloom, is the Senior Manager for Learning Design at Mouse, an alum of Teacher's College At Columbia University, and curriculum developer working in STEM, Design, and Computing education. After a recent retreat to attend CAST's Universal Design for Learning Institute, Kate fills us in on what she learned, the value of the Institute for professional development, and where these things fit into her practice. Universal Design for Learning is a research-based approach to learn ...

Episode 11: Maker Ed in NYC Schools

Wed Nov 15 2017 (01:29:44)

Veteran educators from urban public schools unpack the promise and practice that has captured many imaginations.

After decades of experience in the NYC public school system, these three educators are hopeful that "Maker Education," the field's instantiation of the popular tinker movement re-constituted by the commercial Make Magazine and Maker Faire, holds promise for reforming aspects of how we teach and learn. Dr. Lou Lahana, Lori Stahl-VanBrackle, and Iliana Villegas don't agree on every aspect of the present or future of Maker Ed, but together with thousands of educators nationally, are writing the pla ...

Episode 10: Erik Martin

Thu Nov 09 2017 (56:58)

Revisiting "How World of Warcraft Saved Me and My Education"

Erik Martin revisits a story he told in 2013 at TedX, Redmond WA, titled "How World of Warcraft Saved Me and My Education." Erik has since held posts at the US Department of Education, the Whitehouse Office of Science and Technology (OST) and is now Senior Manager for Education Programs at game engine, Unity. He credits much of his success to experiences he had working his way up to leading an 800 member guild in the popular massively multiplayer online roleplaying game, World of Warcraft. This ...

Episode 9: New Realities in Museum Learning

Wed Nov 01 2017 (01:19:49)

AR, VR, and Mixed Reality at American Museum of Natural History

I'm joined in this episode by Jessy Jo Gomez -- a fantastic partner to help me peel back the layers of Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed Reality for learning. Jessy Jo and I chat with Barry Joseph of the American Museum of Natural History, who helps us to navigate definitions, explore new examples incorporating the technology, and by sharing his experience in the design and development of AR and VR in his role at the museum. Stick around until the end for a NST first: a live shootout of Grow-A-Game ...

PowerUp with Dr. Elizabeth Bishop

Wed Oct 25 2017 (42:43)

A chat about critical literacy in a digital age

Dr. Elizabeth Bishop is a cultural and queer theorist, a researcher, youth practitioner, and author of Becoming Activist. Bishop explores critical literacy through her research and work with youth based at New York's Global Kids, a youth serving organization focused on global literacies and the empowerment of young people with a nearly 30-year history of impact. Bishop and I discuss her book, the relationship between research and practice, and how digital and activist identities are woven togeth ...

Episode 8: The Networking of Humanity

Tue Oct 24 2017 (01:21:04)

Navigating learning and growth with the internet

Chris Lawrence is the Vice President of Mozilla Foundation's Leadership Network, and he's joined by fellow web citizens, Iliana Lugo and Charles Canario, to discuss "Internet Health" and a host of issues related to learning and literacy in the digital age. Is information on the internet a public resource? Why should we care about issues of privacy on the web? What are the skills that all of us can support as learners of all ages grow with the culture of the web? Charles and Iliana share their pe ...

Episode 7: STEM from Dance

Tue Oct 17 2017 (01:01:17)

For one organization, dance is the doorway to computer science for young women

Yamilée Toussaint is the founder of Brooklyn's STEM From Dance. She's joined by alum Daneilla McEwan to talk about how dance works as an entry point for young women learning computer science. Yamilée grew up with dance from a young age and after graduating from MIT with a degree in Mechanical Engineering she surprised her family by turning to the field of education to start her career. Years later she founded an organization that engages young women in STEM by leveraging their excitement for the ...

An interview with Educational Video Center's Steve Goodman and Serenah Vaughan

Steve Goodman talks about Educational Video Center's (EVC) incredible origin story, and what has kept their youth media programs true to the vision that sparked the organization more than 30 years ago. Serenah Vaughan is a budding filmmaker, alum of EVC's documentary production program, who now, as she finishes up high school, is working on a production that characterizes the problem of opioid addiction across rural and urban environments. This episode will take you on a ride from the gangs of t ...

PowerUp: The Game Jam Guide

Thu Oct 05 2017 (25:30)

Authors of the popular curriculum guide share the history and vision for the project..

Matthew Farber and Alex Fleming, two of the curriculum guide's authors talk about the vision and history for this open resource now available through Carnegie Mellon University Press. Matthew Farber is Assistant Professor of Technology, Innovation, and Pedagogy at the University of Northern Colorado, and Alex Fleming is a Learning Design Manager at Mouse ( the CMU ETC Press Website: How can designing games about real world issues teach students empathy, systems thinking, and desig ...

PowerUp with Naomi Clark

Tue Oct 03 2017 (42:10)

On games and gender, gamification, and whether game design should be part of the humanities

Naomi Clark takes me to school on a few questions that emerged from episode 5. Is the "gamer" identity inclusive? Is gamification good for education? Is there purpose in gender-specific games? You might be surprised by some of her answers. Naomi Clark teaches at NYU's Game Center, and has contributed to more than three dozen game titles. This episode is perfect if you're already contemplating some of these issues, or even if you're brand new to the conversation.If you're enjoying No Such Thing p ...

Two youth reflect on their pathways into game design

Geneva and Mickell are products of NYC Public Schools, a handful of key programs for aspiring young digital creators, and (eventually) some supportive families. We cover lots of territory in this episode. Mickell takes us to school on game genres, and together they reflect on what key supports helped them pursue their passion. We also scratch the surface on gaming and gender, and Naomi Clark pops by to offer some ideas about why boys might be quicker to identify as a "gamer" than girls.In this e ...

A fun cast of characters sound off about their hopes and fears for VR and AR in education

I journeyed to the first Games 4 Change Festival VR Summit Reception in NYC to gather responses from industry, educators, student designers, and more, about how they see the potential of VR for influencing learning environments. We discuss VR games, using the technology for impact, and where VR might fall short. Hear from Games 4 Change's Sara Cornish about the Summit's inception, and how you can stay connected to G4C as their work continues.

The founding of Brooklyn NY's Beam Center and the challenges that his team is working to solve

Why is it so hard to sort the signal from the noise when what we're working for is so fundamental? In this conversation, Brian Cohen, Co-Founder of Beam -- a Brooklyn space for making and learning, and a New Hampshire Summer Camp -- talks about the inspiration for founding the organization, and why he thinks that the challenges we face in education can only have collaborative solutions.

Allen and Dov take us on an unscripted tour.

Allen and Dov team up to offer an unscripted tour of Beam Center's space in Brooklyn, NY. If you're a maker, a curious educator, or a veteran of the making and learning scene, you'll have a lot of fun learning more about the tools and materials that make this incredible multidisciplinary project space.

I talk with Allen Riley and Dov Alperin about experiences from a maker learning space in Brooklyn, NY.

In this episode I interview a talented educator, Allen Reilley, who, like so many practitioners in this space, loves designing experiences that help others discover the world the way does through his own art. And Dov Alperin, a wise and deeply reflective 13-year old coming up at MS442. I talk more with Beam Center's co-founder, Brian Cohen, in a future episode, and Dov and Allen graciously offer a tour of the center in a short episode that I will release between the two. Meanwhile, I hope you en ...

Episode Zero

Sat Aug 05 2017 (01:02:30)

Alumni of NYC digital youth programs share their ideas about the promise and reality of learning with technology.

In this episode, three young people--alumni of NYC public schools and digital programs that supported their journey-- share their ideas and experiences about digital life and learning. Through their dialogue, the group explores how race, gender, learning context, and access have all influenced their experience.Notes from this episode:Eyebeam and Playable Fashion New York Hall of Science Mouse 1:1 Schools Columbia University S-Prep Step program at Barnard NYU Poly / Tandon student enrollment ...