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Latest Episode2019-3-8

Invent To Learn's Sylvia Libow Martinez

Sylvia Libow Martinez was an aerospace engineer before becoming an educational software producer and vice president of a video game company. She spent a decade as the President of Generation YES, the groundbreaking non-profit that provides educators with the tools necessary to place students in leadership roles in their schools and communities. In addition to leading workshops, Sylvia delights and challenges audiences as a keynote speaker at major conferences around the world. She brings her real-world experience in highly innovative work environments to learning organizations that wish to change STEM education to be more inclusive, effective, and engaging. Contact Sylvia at: sylvia (at) inventtolearn (dot) com.

Marc and Sylvia spend time talking about the 2nd Edition of Invent To Learn, how schools can be a glorious explosion of interesting things, and what Sylvia hopes will be the lasting impact of Maker Education.

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Invent To Learn's Sylvia Libow Martinez

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