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Latest Episode2019-2-6

Higher Ed and the Role of a Computing Culture

At the top of the last episode you learned about Mark Guzdial. Mark is a Professor in the College of Engineering at the University of Michigan. After his talk at Cornell Tech's "To Code and Beyond" I had a chance to sit down with Mark and ask what questions had bubbled up while I listened to his talk live. Probably my most pressing question: what you're saying is great, but we've all seen professors like you on youtube - Mark is a brilliant, animated, ukelele playing Computer Science professor, who, from my time with him, seems as passionate about you learning about his passion topic, as he is about the topic itself. He's a rare mix, and what I'm sure many in the audience wondered - what the country is wondering right now - is how do we bottle some of that, and help thousands of teachers in every state offer young people the experience that surely the students in Mark's class have each semester. For what it's worth, out-of-state tuition at his school is $43,476 with a 26% acceptance rate. A wicked problem, indeed.

Enjoy my talk with Mark. My thanks again to Cornell Tech and To Code and Beyond for helping connect us.

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